Independent film lovers rejoice and add two more big wins to the small films, including Best Picture going to “Lady Bird” along with a win for leading actress Saoirse Ronan, who I can definitely see getting an Oscar nomination, and a big win for director Sean Baker, for his directing of “The Florida Project,” along with yet another win for Willen Dafoe, who his clinching his Best Supporting Actor nomination. Other Indie winners include “Call Me By Your Name,” which is buzzing for the Oscars right now, with actor Timothée Chalamet getting the win. The only surprise in the acting wins is Tiffany Haddish for her performance in “Girls Trip,” which has had zero Oscar buzz but that could all change. Remember, Melissa McCarthy had an Oscar nomination for her role in “Bridesmaids.” Paul Thomas Anderson gets another screenwriting win for his screenplay for “Phantom Thread” and Netflix’s “Mudbound” wins for cinematography. “Coco” grabs another animation win as “Get Out” nabs another first-timer award. Molly Haskell (no relation) won a Special Award, as she is a feminist film critic and author, having worked for New York Magazine and Vogue. Once again, Gary Oldman’s performance in “Darkest Hour” is passed up as is everything to do with Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk.” My guess is that the film critics are trying to propel the smaller films because they know the Academy will be more focused on these bigger, more showy titles.

Best Film: “Lady Bird”
Best Director: Sean Baker – “The Florida Project”
Best Actress: Saoirse Ronan – “Lady Bird”
Best Actor: Timothée Chalamet – “Call Me By Your Name”
Best Supporting Actor: Willem Dafoe – “The Florida Project”
Best Supporting Actress: Tiffany Haddish – “Girls Trip”
Best Cinematography: “Mudbound” – Rachel Morrison
Best Screenplay: “Phantom Thread” – Paul Thomas Anderson
Best Animated Film: “Coco”
Best Documentary: “Faces Places”
Best Foreign Language Film: “BPM (Beats Per Minute)”
Best First Film: “Get Out”

Special Awards: Molly Haskell

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