There’s once again a little bit of something for everyone streaming this week. Before she was starring in Sofia Coppola’s “The Beguiled” this year, Kirsten Dunst was starring in the 2001 film “Crazy/Beautiful” where she plays a troubled well-to-do teen that starts to hang around a teen that’s struggling with in his home life and as her life spirals out of control, she begins to take him with her. Speaking of crazy, Katherine Heigl plays a divorcee that refuses to let her family go on without her. When her husband meets a new woman, played by Rosario Dawson, the claws come out… literally. Although he does not do many films, John Hillcoat (“Lawless”) is one of my favorite directors. The last film he did was titled “Triple 9” and starred Casey Affleck, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Anthony Mackie, Aaron Paul, Clifton Collins Jr., Norman Reedus, Teresa Palmer, Gal Gadot, Woody Harrelson, and Kate Winslet. A small indie film this year titled “Columbus” sees John Cho and Haley Lu Richardson fall in love while viewing architecture and getting to know one another in Columbus, Indiana. “Tremors” is the 1990 classic sci-fi monster film about giant worm-like creatures on the ground, eating people and going after Kevin Bacon. In another ’90s sci-fi monster movie, “Species” sees Natasha Henstridge as an alien-human hybrid looking for a human male to impregnate her. In a newer sci-fi flick, “One & Two” sees two siblings (Timothée Chalamet & Kiernan Shipka) with superpowers forced to live behind an impenetrable wall. In the Academy Award nominated epic “Silence,” directed by Martin Scorsese, Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver play 17-century missionaries on a quest to save their teacher who has been taken captive in Japan and reportedly having denounced his faith, the two missionaries must test theirs. One of three Marvel films released this year, “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2” is available for streaming this week, this time with the Guardians meeting Star Lord’s (Chris Pratt) father, Ego (Kurt Russell). And in one of my favorite movies from my childhood, “Space Jam,” the basketball film where the Looney Tunes recruit Michael Jordan to join their team against a group of aliens to beat them in basketball, is available this week. They have been talking about making a sequel to this film for ages, but it still really holds up.

Crazy / Beautiful || Kirsten Dunst plays a troubled teen

Unforgettable || Katherine Heigl refuses to be forgotten

Triple 9 || John Hillcoat directs an ensemble cast in this thriller

Columbus || A blossoming relationship amidst architecture

Tremors || Giant worms underground coming to kill Kevin Bacon

One & Two || Kids with powers forced to live inside a bubble

Species || ’90s Sexy alien movie starring Natasha Henstridge

Silence || Garfield and Driver venture to find Liam Neeson in Japan

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 || Star Lord meets his father

Space Jam || Michael Jordan meets the Looney Tunes cast



  • Born In China (Netflix)
  • The Crown: Season Two (Netflix)
  • Jab Harry Met Sejal (Netflix)
  • Temple (Netflix)
  • Trolls Holiday Special (Netflix)


  • Buddymoon (Amazon Prime)
  • Crank: High Voltage (Amazon Prime)
  • Sam (Amazon Prime)
  • Super Size Me (Amazon Prime)


  • 3 Ninjas (Hulu)
  • The Adventures Of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (Hulu)
  • Basic Instinct 2 (Hulu)
  • The Black Cauldron (Hulu)
  • Bloodsport (Hulu)
  • Brothers Grimm (Hulu)
  • Buffalo 66 (Hulu)
  • Chicago (Hulu)
  • Child’s Play (Hulu)
  • Cop Land (Hulu)
  • The Count Of Monte Cristo (Hulu)
  • Frontera (Hulu)
  • George Of The Jungle (Hulu)
  • The Hero (Hulu)
  • The Improv: 50 Years Behind The Brick Wall (Hulu)
  • In And Out (Hulu)
  • In The Line Of Fire (Hulu)
  • Jack (Hulu)
  • The Missing (Hulu)
  • Mississippi Burning (Hulu)
  • Moonstruck (Hulu)
  • P2 (Hulu)
  • The Perfect Score (Hulu)
  • Presumed Innocent (Hulu)
  • Primal Fear (Hulu)
  • Robocop (Hulu)
  • Robocop 2 (Hulu)
  • Robocop 3 (Hulu)
  • Rocky III (Hulu)
  • Rocky IV (Hulu)
  • The Rules Of Attraction (Hulu)
  • Searching For Bobby Fischer (Hulu)
  • Searching For Sugar Man (Hulu)
  • Stealing Harvard (Hulu)
  • Stigmata (Hulu)
  • Superbad (Hulu)
  • Sweet Home Alabama (Hulu)
  • Three Men And A Baby (Hulu)
  • The Three Musketeers (1993) (Hulu)
  • Titanic (Hulu)
  • Total Recall (Hulu)
  • The Water Horse (Hulu)
  • Wristcutters (Hulu)


  • All The President’s Men (HBO Now)
  • American Splendor (HBO Now)
  • Banksy: Does New York (HBO Now)
  • Deepwater Horizon (HBO Now)
  • Elizabeth: The Golden Age (HBO Now)
  • The Exorcist (HBO Now)
  • Fred Claus (HBO Now)
  • Gone In 60 Seconds (HBO Now)
  • Gran Torino (HBO Now)
  • Half Past Dead (HBO Now)
  • Hoosiers (HBO Now)
  • In The Army Now (HBO Now)
  • The Invitation (HBO Now)
  • Jack Frost (HBO Now)
  • Marauders (HBO Now)
  • Midnight Cowboy (HBO Now)
  • Night At The Museum: Battle Of The Smithsonian (HBO Now)
  • Pitch Black (HBO Now)
  • Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves (HBO Now)
  • Seed Of Chucky (HBO Now)
  • Something’s Gotta Give (HBO Now)
  • Species II (HBO Now)
  • TMNT (HBO Now)
  • Tremors 2: Aftershocks (HBO Now)
  • Tremors 3: Back To Perfection (HBO Now)
  • Truman (HBO Now)


  • Office Christmas Party (Showtime)


  • The Amityville Horror (1979) (Tubi TV)
  • Buried (Tubi TV)
  • Everything Went Down (Tubi TV)
  • HappyThankYouMorePlease (Tubi TV)
  • Jack Goes Boating (Tubi TV)
  • Why Don’t You Play In Hell? (Tubi TV)
  • Wildlike (Tubi TV)


  • Art And Craft (Fandor)
  • Bettie Page Reveals All (Fandor)
  • Bullhead (Fandor)
  • The Crying Game (Fandor)
  • The Grifters (Fandor)


  • Cabin Fever (2002) (expires on Saturday, December 9 from Netflix)
  • Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever (expires on Saturday, December 9 from Netflix)
  • Lucky Number Slevin (expires on Saturday, December 9 from Netflix)
  • Nightcrawler (expires on Saturday, December 9 from Netflix)
  • The Rite (expires on Saturday, December 9 from Netflix)
  • Rosewater (expires on Saturday, December 9 from Netflix)
  • Buck (expires on Sunday, December 10 from Netflix)
  • Dollhouse: Season Two (expires on Sunday, December 10 from Netflix)
  • Standoff (expires on Sunday, December 10 from Netflix)
  • In Your Eyes (expires on Monday, December 11 from Netflix)
  • 2 Days In New York (expires on Tuesday, December 12 from Netflix)
  • The Queen Of Versailles (expires on Tuesday, December 12 from Netflix)
  • Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work (expires on Wednesday, December 13 from Netflix)
  • Slow Learners (expires on Thursday, December 14 from Netflix)

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