“All The Money In The World”

Director: Ridley Scott
Producers: Chris Clark, Quentin Curtis, Dan Friedkin, Mark Huffam, Ridley Scott, Bradley Thomas, and Kevin J. Walsh
Writer: David Scarpa
Cinematography: Dariusz Wolski
Editor: Claire Simpson
Distributors: TriStar Pictures
Release Date: December 25, 2017
Run-time: 133 minutes

CHARACTER SYNOPSIS: Christopher Plummer portrays oil tycoon J. Paul Getty, who refuses to pay ransom to rescue his kidnapped grandson despite the pleas of the boy’s impoverished mother.

One of the biggest stories out of 2017 movie news has to be the story behind “All The Money In The World” and the recasting of Kevin Spacey after the molestation allegations. Spacey’s scenes as J. Paul Getty were already shot and a trailer had already been released for the film. But when the news was released about the allegations behind Spacey, not only did his Netflix show drop him, but director Ridley Scott took the steps to drop him as well. Another story would come out about Mark Wahlberg’s reshoot payday, but all the actors returned to reshoot their scenes with Plummer. Scott would reveal that Christopher Plummer, the 88 year old actor, was actually Scott’s original first choice for the role, but because of schedule conflicts, they couldn’t make it work. From the footage seen from the trailer, Spacey, wearing prosthetic makeup, seems to be chewing the scenery in his role while Plummer brings an eloquence to the role. He fits the role because not only is he of the appropriate age, but he’s able to apply a demeanor of smugness that comes from being that age. For a man to come in, replace an actor that’s already shot all his scenes, and become an integral part of the film within a few weeks is something of a feat, and for that he deserves a nomination alone.

The buzz this Oscars season has been more about Willem Dafoe and Sam Rockwell, who were cleaning up the awards for their supporting roles, all throughout the season. Rockwell has been taking more of the gold as of late, with the heat somewhat dying on Dafoe’s performance, but I would not count him out yet. Where Plummer fits in here, I do not know, but seeing as he just won his first Oscar back in 2011 for “Beginners,” I do not see the Academy itching to give the man the win. However, if they are more impressed with the feats it took to get this performance onto the big screen in such a short amount of time, then for that, I could see them taking the leap in giving him the win. But as far as placing you bets, Rockwell is the safer choice.


2009 (82nd) “The Last Station” Nominated Best Actor in a Supporting Role
2011 (84th) “Beginners” Won Best Actor in a Supporting Role


VIEWED: Saturday
February 24th, 2018



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