This week, Screenjunkies bring back the original voice-over talent Ted Evans to face off against the more recent voice for Honest Trailers, Jon Bailey, as they fight over “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” which hits home video today. They discuss the divisiveness of the film, putting a voice to the endless online threads and fanboy complaints about why the movie did and did not work, eventually agreeing that the red throne room battle, Yoda hitting Luke with a stick, and the Porgs were universally appealing. In true Honest Trailer fashion, the boiling down of the plot to its repetitive elements is one of its strongest portions (“Like Rey, who after being called by Luke’s lightsaber, is called by the Jedi text, called by a big wet hole, and called by her greatest frenemy…”) as is the cast run at the end, with some of the highlights being “Snope” with a great, comical reaction from Snoke and “Pew!” for Laura Dern’s Holdo. By the end of the trailer, both voice-over talents agree that they won’t be doing this back and forth schtick for “Solo: A Star Wars Story” (“I’m not gonna see that crap”).

Official Synopsis: In a polarized world, the next installment in a franchise all about balance and non-attachment will be worshipped, hated, and obsessed about until it’s not even fun to talk about anymore – It’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi


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