With “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” getting released on home video a few weeks ago, Honest Trailers finally gets around to roasting it. Immediately pointing out the fact that Sony has had a terrible time trying to launch a franchise, failing with the latest Spider-Man, “The Emoji Movie,” “The Dark Tower,” and the latest “Ghostbusters,” they finally have a rebooted film that was surprisingly successful. (“…comes the reboot nobody wanted, that ended up being really fun? and something I wouldn’t mind seeing more of? is this what hope feels like?”)  The characters are introduced, pointing out the similarities to “The Breakfast Club” and “Power Rangers” and the fact that everyone is playing against type except for Kevin Hart, who always seems to play the same character. The highlights of the trailer include describing what it is the popular girl needs to learn and the semantics of the video game and why some of the MPCs talk to each other outside the confines of the characters in the game. Plus, the trailer points out the fact that Dwayne Johnson has done several films based in the jungle (“secret jungle quadrilogy”) and that the entire film is basically a celebration of what it is to be him (“as Dwayne Johnson spends an entire movie discovering the joys of being Dwayne Johnson”). The trailer ends with the apt title “The Jungle Book: The Game, The Movie, The Reboot, The Video Game.”

Official Synopsis: Enter Jumanji, the game that literally rebooted itself, It’s Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle.

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