Just as many of the critics pointed out the fact that “The Greatest Showman” glazed over the real-life story of P.T. Barnum, Honest Trailers pushes it further, noting how Barnum was really not a good guy. From pointing out the fact that he was a “really shady, historical figure” who was a “real life Willy Wonka” who “instead of selling kids candy, he’s selling kids tickets to make fun of the oompa loompas.” The trailer is buttoned with “laugh all you want Barnum” as Jackman is shown riding an elephant, then a dun-dun-dun music stop and “an elephant never forgets.”

A big focus of the trailer this week is on the music of the film and how it far outweighs the story going on in between (“I’m so not here for the talky bits”). They even go as far as to apply some really well recorded parodies of the songs from the film, which are far more accurate to how things actually were. Some of the songs include the “he wasn’t a good guy song” with lyrics like “I owned a slave, I killed six whales, gave a monkey a fish tail,” the “these two people didn’t even exist song” set to Zac Efron and Zendaya’s relationship, and the “rampant cruelty song” which goes as such: “he said elephants could not feel pain, that’s not true, that’s not true, used deformities for financial gain, ay-ay-hole, they got hurt, they got used, by now you should start to see, that’s P.T., look out cause he’s not done, oh dear god what is next, cause his freaks got whipped, beat, and caged for fun, Google it, that’s all true, he was not Wolverine, or the guy in this movie, not P.T.”

Acting as more of a service announcement this week, the comedy lands more in making fun of the fact that Hugh Jackman is a top hat enthusiast and the cast run with names like “Old School Musical” for Zac Efron, “Can She Swing From A Thread, Take A Look Overhead!” for Zendaya in relation to her role in “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” and “Lipsync Impossible” for Rebecca Ferguson in relation to her role in the latest “Mission: Impossible” films.

Official Synopsis: In a world of superhero franchises and reboots, we’re reminded that theatre kids need something average to love too! – It’s The Greatest Showman

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