Just like that, “Avengers: Infinity War” has delivered not only the biggest domestic opening weekend of all-time, with $257 million, beating out “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and its $247 million, but the world’s biggest opening as well, beating out “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” ($529 million) and “The Fate Of The Furious” ($542 million), coming in at $630 million and that’s not even including China. Expect “Avengers: Infinity War” to reign supreme for a couple weeks, with “Deadpool 2” and “Solo: A Star Wars Story” looking to top it in a few weeks time. Taking a nice bump up from its Marvel connection, “Black Panther” moved up three spots, back into the top five thanks to “Avengers.” Taking the number two spot was “A Quiet Place,” which is now at $148 million off a $17 million production budget. As expected, “I Feel Pretty” and “Rampage” both took a bump, but still landed in the top five.

Within the top 25, “Super Troopers 2” took the biggest percentage drop, taking a 75% drop from last week, yet still remaining in the top 10. The Metropolitan Opera’s “Cendrillon” was released through Fathom events this weekend and saw a decent return, landing at number 12 with $1.3 million. “Disobedience,” starring Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams, landed at number 22, taking 2nd place in the per theater average, playing in only 5 theaters and earning about $47,479 per theater. The per theater winner was of course was “Avengers: Infinity War,” which is breaking records left and right. The film made an average of $57,599 per theater over 4,474 theaters. With most people going to “Avengers,” some smaller titles benefited as counter-programming, with independent films “The Rider” and “Lean On Pete” both showing up in the top 25 after a few weeks of release. “A Wrinkle In Time” received as nice bump as well, climbing five spots to number 13.

The biggest fall within the top 25 goes to Tyler Perry’s “Acrimony,” which fell four spots to number 17. “Pacific Rim: Uprising” suffered the worst from the “Avengers” record-breaking weekend, falling out of the top 25 by 13 spots, falling from number 19 to number 32. “Love, Simon” and “Paul Apostle Of Christ” both fell out of the top 25 as well, while “Bharat Ane Nenu” and “Sgt. Stubby” were both unlisted this weekend. Now available on home video, expect “Peter Rabbit” to fall off next weekend as well as “The Rider” and “Lean On Pete” likely to fall off the list after only one week as well. Despite the “Overboard” remake starring Anna Faris and the Jason Reitman-Diablo Cody pairing on “Tully,” starring Charlize Theron, nothing will be able to unseat the almighty “Avengers: Infinity War.” But those new releases could put some pressure on “A Quiet Place” to drop a few spots.

# Title Weekend Total Budget Week LW CH
1 Avengers: Infinity War (BV) $257,698,183 ($257,698,183) $400m* 1st N even
2 A Quiet Place (Par) $11,004,977 ($148,528,278) $17m 4th #1 down
3 I Feel Pretty (STX) $8,176,757 ($29,620,831) $32m 2nd #3 even
4 Rampage (WB) $7,205,315 ($78,030,872) $120m 3rd #2 down
5 Black Panther (BV) $4,736,428 ($688,364,917) $200m* 11th #8 up
6 Super Troopers 2 (Fox) $3,729,287 ($22,214,216) $13.5m 2nd #4 down
7 Truth Or Dare (Uni) $3,268,145 ($35,374,140) $3.5m 3rd #5 down
8 Blockers (Uni) $2,975,260 ($53,246,750) $21m 4th #7 down
9 Ready Player One (WB) $2,563,325 ($130,811,543) $175m* 5th #6 down
10 Traffik (LGF) $1,654,694 ($6,786,968) $4m* 2nd #9 down
11 Isle Of Dogs (FoxS) $1,427,275 ($27,047,998) ** 6th #10 down
12 Met Opera: Cendrillon (Fathom) $1,300,000 ($1,300,000) ** 1st N even
13 A Wrinkle In Time (BV) $981,856 ($94,930,902) $103m* 8th #18 upup
14 I Can Only Imagine (RAtt) $777,709 ($81,084,294) $7m 7th #12 down
15 Chappaquiddick (ENTMP) $694,989 ($15,808,830) ** 4th #14 down
16 Sherlock Gnomes (Par) $673,943 ($40,637,943) $59m 6th #15 down
17 Tyler Perry’s Acrimony (LGF) $640,477 ($42,223,020) $20m* 5th #13 down
18 You Were Never Really Here (Amazon) $350,105 ($1,793,480) ** 4th #21 up
19 The Miracle Season (Mirr/LD) $290,939 ($9,441,585) ** 4th #16 down
20 Beirut (BST) $271,251 ($4,542,141) ** 3rd #17 down
21 Lean On Pete (A24) $243,087 ($667,818) $8m* 4th #28 upup
22 Disobedience (BST) $237,393 ($237,393) $32m 1st N even
23 The Death Of Stalin (IFC) $226,050 ($7,218,423) ** 8th up
24 Peter Rabbit (Sony) $205,918 ($114,560,612) $50m 12th #24 even
25 The Rider (SPC) $175,279 ($344,613) $50m 3rd #34 upup



Title Dom / World Budget Weeks Highest NOTE
Bharat Ane Nenu (GrtIndia) $2,663,090
$7.7m* (2nd) #11
Love, Simon (Fox) $40,493,994

$17m 7th #5 (+$23.5m)
Pacific Rim: Uprising (Uni) $58,941,465

$150m 6th #1
Paul, Apostle of Christ (Sony) $17,276,253
$5m 6th #8
Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero (FunAcad) $2,539,535
$25m* (3rd) #16

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