Some movies simply are too bad to be made fun of and “Fifty Shades Freed,” along with the entire trilogy, seem to be that bad. With lines like “you’re not putting those in my butt” and a woman asking “what’s a butt plug,” Screenjunkies can only do so much to make fun of the film. They celebrate the fact that this is the last one and show some interviews surrounding the movie, like star Jamie Dornan admitting to Jimmy Kimmel that his relationship with Dakota Johnson outside the movies is more like a brother-sister relationship or author of the series of books, E.L. James admitting in an interview that she wrote most of the novels on her Blackberry phone. They also point out that in having a kid, the kid might now stumble on mom and dad’s sex dungeon, with narrator Jon Bailey doing a wonderful job when he comically portrays how devastating it was when he stumbled on his parent’s sex dungeon.

Official Synopsis: Enjoy a movie where the main characters are the villains to their own story. The final chapter of the Grey trilogy, it’s Honest Trailers – Fifty Shades Freed

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