AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR || The Marvel mega-success “Avengers: Infinity War” continues to break records left and right, this time, breaking records in China. Just opening this past Thursday, the film has already made $76 million and looks claim the best opening weekend for a Marvel movie in China, looking to top “Avengers: Age of Ultron” which made $156 million on its first weekend, which is the fourth highest grossing weekend for China. Read more at: Variety.

SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY || After the premiere last night, the early Twitter reactions are out and everyone is stating how much fun the film is. With concerns going into the film, most critics have come out excited about many things they were concerned about, like Alden Ehrenreich’s turn at the helm of Han Solo or if Donald Glover would live up to the hype of Lando Calrissian, but it looks like they have held their own. Also, news the last few days has pointed to the fact that apparently Ron Howard ended up reshooting about 70% of the film, to which the previously fired directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller have opted out of getting a co-directing credit and have chosen executive producer credits instead. Read more at: Wall Street Journal.

THE TREE OF LIFE || Terrence Malick’s Academy Award nominated film “The Tree Of Life” will be getting the Criterion treatment, offering 50 more minutes of footage added to the lengthy run-time. Malick assures fans that the creation sequence will not be touched. Read more at: Variety.


LAST MAN STANDING || Fox Network made news yesterday when they canceled three of what seemed like their best comedies, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “Last Man On Earth”, and “The Mick.” Today, they are filling those voids. First, they picked up the canceled ABC comedy “Last Man Standing” starring Tim Allen, which went off the air just a year ago. They’ve also ordered to series two multi-cam pilots “The Cool Kids” starring David Alan Grier and “Rel” starring “Get Out” supporting actor Lil Rel Howery. Read more at: Deadline.

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE || One day after the Fox cancellation of comedy series “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” the NBC network has picked it up. Following the Hulu service passing on the series, NBC claimed it. The outcry of support for the series on Twitter was unmatched, leading many to believe it would be picked up elsewhere. Who know it would be so soon. Read more at: Variety.


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