With no viable competition, “Avengers: Infinity War” scores the number one weekend for the third weekend in a row, beating out newcomers “Life Of The Party” and “Breaking In” by $45 million. “Overboard” and “A Quiet Place” both hold onto a spot in the Top Five as well. The usual suspects fill out the Top Ten, with “Black Panther” still holding on to a Number 9 spot, even as it heads into its 13th weekend and hitting a home video release this Tuesday. How it will drop following that is anyone’s guess. Rounding out the Top Ten is the Ruth Bader Ginsburg documentary “RBG,” which moved up five spots to land at Number 10.

Also moving up this week was “A Wrinkle In Time,” thanks to adding around 1690 theaters to its count for the Mother’s Day weekend. Oprah Winfrey, who stars in the film, was instrumental in getting the word out that this was solid Mother’s Day fare. The film had the biggest increase from Number 18 to Number 11, with $1.5 million. “Disobedience” moved up a few spots this weekend as well, also adding 69 theaters to its count. Lastly, “The Rider,” which had fallen off the list last week, is back at Number 25, having also added 38 theaters to its count. For the third weekend in a row, “Avengers: Infinity War” grabs the per theater average win, with a $13,875 average per theater in 4,474 locations while outside of the Top 25, Roadside Attractions’ new release “Beast” gave “Avengers” a run for its money, earning an average of $13,312 in only 4 theaters.

Falling off the Top 25 completely this week were four releases including Tyler Perry’s “Acrimony,” “The Miracle Season,” “You Were Never Really Here,” and, after 10 weeks in release, “The Death Of Stalin.” The biggest drop-off of those was “You Were Never Really Here” which fell nine spots to Number 34. The biggest fall within the Top 25 was “Traffik,” which also fell nine spots from Number 14 to Number 23. Expect it to fall off completely next weekend, along with “The Rider” once again and probably either “Chappaquiddick” or “102 Not Out.”

“Deadpool 2” will finally knock the box office giant Thanos and “Avengers: Infinity War” out of the Top Spot, looking to claim somewhere between $125 – 150 million for the weekend. Seeing as these are competing Marvel/superhero films, expect a bigger drop-off for “Avengers: Infinity War” compared to the previous weekends. Its total should be somewhere around $31 million, if its lucky. That will, however, be enough to keep it at the runner-ups spot, as fellow new release “Book Club” will likely only land at the $9.5 million area. That will put it in the range to compete with “Life Of The Party” and “Breaking In,” which you can expect somewhere around the $9-10 million range. “Deadpool 2” will definitely not be getting cozy in that top spot, as “Solo: A Star Wars Story” will be arriving a week after, looking at an opening of around $120 – 150 million for the normal 3-day weekend and $145 – 185 million for the 4-day.

# Title Weekend Total Budget Week LW CH
1 Avengers: Infinity War (BV) $62,078,047 ($548,090,150) $400m* 3rd #1 even
2 Life Of The Party (WB) $17,886,075 ($17,886,075) $30m* 1st N even
3 Breaking In (Uni) $17,630,285 ($17,630,285) $6m 1st N even
4 Overboard (PNT) $9,864,415 ($29,358,392) $12m* 2nd #2 down
5 A Quiet Place (Par) $6,455,396 ($169,608,030) $17m 6th #3 down
6 I Feel Pretty (STX) $3,805,437 ($43,952,013) $32m 4th #4 down
7 Rampage (WB) $3,462,442 ($89,827,105) $120m 5th #5 down
8 Tully (Focus) $2,248,945 ($6,992,005) ** 2nd #6 even
9 Black Panther (BV) $2,077,207 ($696,331,818) $200m* 13th #7 down
10 RBG (Magn) $1,188,186 ($2,025,954) ** 2nd #15
11 A Wrinkle In Time (BV) $1,156,780 ($96,812,656) $103m* 10th #18
12 Blockers (Uni) $1,115,025 ($58,126,660) $21m 6th #10 down
13 Isle Of Dogs (FoxS) $1,072,567 ($29,951,941) ** 8th #13 even
14 Super Troopers 2 (Fox) $982,594 ($27,383,171) $13.5m 4th #9 downdown
15 Truth Or Dare (Uni) $916,100 ($39,727,000) $3.5m 5th #8 downdown
16 Ready Player One (WB) $892,682 ($134,563,601) $175m* 7th #12 down
17 Nothing To Lose (Swen) $679,531 ($679,531) ** 1st N even
18 Bad Samaritan (Electric) $518,597 ($3,088,522) ** 2nd #11 downdown
19 Disobedience (BST) $420,895 ($1,189,096) ** 3rd #22
20 Sherlock Gnomes (Par) $406,221 ($41,760,161) $59m 8th #19 down
21 I Can Only Imagine (RAtt) $400,239 ($82,503,608) $7m 9th #17 down
22 102 Not Out (Sony) $293,604 ($984,993) $1.3m* 2nd #16 downdown
23 Traffik (LGF) $276,173 ($8,910,787) $4m* 4th #14 downdown
24 Chappaquiddick (ENTMP) $249,827 ($16,968,137) ** 6th #21 down
25 The Rider (SPC) $221,439 ($847,749) ** 5th #27



Title Dom / World Budget Weeks Highest NOTE
The Death Of Stalin (IFC) $7,695,306
** 10th #17 (x2)
The Miracle Season (Mirr/LD) $9,927,843 ** 6th #11 **
Tyler Perry’s Acrimony (LGF) $43,241,894
$20m* 7th #2
You Were Never Really Here (Amazon) $2,360,394 ** 6th #19

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