October 17, 1948 – May 13, 2018 (age 69)
Cause of Death: Complications related to pneumonia

Margot Kidder was not the first woman to play the live action role of Lois Lane, but many consider her the definitive portray on Superman’s love interest, playing the role four time opposite Christopher Reeves in “Superman” (1978), “Superman II” (1980), “Superman III” (1983), and “Superman IV: The Quest for Peace” (1987) as well as making a brief stint on the updated Superman story “Smallville.” She would also have a very successful career in television and would appear in horror films like “Black Christmas” (1974), “The Amityville Horror” (1979), and “Halloween II” (2009). With superhero films currently having a resurgence, Kidder was definitely a trailblazer. Although she will truly be missed, her legacy will live on forever.


1969 Gaily Gaily
1970 Quackser Fortune Has a Cousin in the Bronx
1972 Sisters
Danielle Breton / Dominique Blanchion
1974 A Quiet Day in Belfast Brigit Slattery / Thelma Slattery
1974 The Gravy Train
1974 Black Christmas
1975 The Great Waldo Pepper
1975 The Reincarnation of Peter Proud
Marcia Curtis / Old wife
1975 92 in the Shade
1978 Superman
Lois Lane
1978 Shoot the Sun Down The Woman
1979 The Amityville Horror
Kathy Lutz
1980 Willie & Phil
Jeannette Sutherland
1980 Superman II
Lois Lane
1981 Heartaches
Rita Harris
1982 Some Kind of Hero
1982 Miss Right
1983 Trenchcoat
Mickey Raymond
1983 Superman III
Lois Lane
1985 Little Treasure
1986 GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords
Solitaire (voice)
1986 Keeping Track
Mickey Tremaine
1987 Superman IV: The Quest for Peace Lois Lane
1989 Mob Story
1990 White Room
Madelaine X
1992 Aaron Sent Me
Kaitlynn Prescott
1993 La Florida
Vivy Lamori
1994 Maverick
Margret Mary (uncredited)
1994 Windrunner
Sally ‘Mom’ Cima
1994 The Pornographer
1994 Beanstalk
Doctor Kate ‘Doc’ Winston
1996 Henry & Verlin Mabel
1996 Never Met Picasso
Genna Magnus
1997 The Planet of Junior Brown
Miss Peebs
1997 Shadow Zone: My Teacher Ate My Homework
1997 Silent Cradle
Cindy Wilson
1999 The Hi-Line
Laura Johnson
1999 The Clown at Midnight
Ellen Gibby
1999 The Annihilation of Fish
Mrs. Muldroone
1999 Nightmare Man
Lilian Hannibal
2000 Tribulation
Eileen Canboro
2002 Angel Blade
2002 Crime and Punishment
Mrs. Katerina Marmelodov
2004 Death 4 Told (Segment: “The Psychic”)
Madam Badeau
2004 Chicks with Sticks
Edith Taymore
2005 The Last Sign
2006 Solace (short)
2008 Love at First Kill
2008 On the Other Hand, Death
2008 A Single Woman
2008 Universal Signs
 Rose Callahan
2009 Halloween II
Barbara Collier
2011 Servitude
Mrs. Crank
2011 Redemption: For Robbing the Dead Marlys Baptiste
2011 Sarina’s Song (short)
2012 3 Of A Kind
2012 Henri (short)
Dr. Calvin
2013 Matt’s Chance Mother Mable
2013 Real Gangsters
Stella Kelly
2014 Pride Of Lions
Jean Dempsey
2014 The Big Fat Stone
2015 No Deposit
Margie Ryan
2016 The Red Maple Leaf
Dr. Amanda Walker
2017 The Neighborhood


1968 Wojeck
n/a Episode: “After All, Who’s Art Morrison Anyway?”
1969 Festival
n/a Episode: “Penny for a Song”
1969 Corwin Denny 2 Episodes
1969 McQueen Jenny 3 Episodes
1969-1970 Adventures in Rainbow Country Dr. Janet Rhodes / Sportscar Driver 2 Episodes
1970 Mod Squad
Claire Allen Episode: “Call Back Yesterday”
1971 The Manipulators
n/a Episode: “X-Kalay”
1971 Suddenly Single
Jackie Television movie
1971-1972 Nichols Ruth the Barmaid 24 Episodes
1972 The Bounty Man
Mae Television movie
1972 Banacek Linda Carsini Episode: “A Million the Hard Way”
1973 The Wide World of Mystery Gerry Episode: “Suicide Club”
1973 Harry O
Helen Episode: “Such Dust as Dreams Are Made On “
1973 Barnaby Jones Lori Wright Episode: “Trial Run for Death”
1974 The Suicide Club
n/a Television movie
1974 Honky Tonk Lucy Cotton Television movie
1975 Baretta Terry Lake Episode: “The Secret of Terry Lake”
1976 Switch
Andrea Morris Episode: “The Twelfth Commandment”
1982 Bus Stop
Cherie Television movie
1983 Pygmalion
Eliza Doolittle Television movie
1984 Louisana Virginia Tregan Television movie
1984 The Glitter Dome
Willie Television movie
1985 Deadly Nightmares
Jane Reynolds Episode: “Nightshift”
1985 Picking Up the Pieces Lynette Harding Television movie
1986 Vanishing Act
Chris Kenyon Television movie
1987 Shell Game
Dinah / Jennie Jerome 6 Episodes
1987 Body of Evidence Carol Dwyer Television movie
1992 To Catch a Killer
Rachel Grayson  Television movie
1992 Tales from the Crypt Cynthia Episode: “Curiosity Killed”
1992-1993 Street Legal
Charlotte Percy 2 Episodes
1993 Murder, She Wrote Dr. Ellen Holden Episode: “Threshold of Fear”
1993 The New Adventures of the Black Stallion n/a Episode: “Under October Skies”
1993-1996 Captain Planet and the Planeteers
Gaia 17 Episodes
1994 One Woman’s Courage
Stella Jenson  Television movie
1994-1996 Phantom 2040
Rebecca Madison 34 Episodes
1995 Burke’s Law
Joy Adams Episode: “Who Killed the Highest Bidder?”
1995 Young Ivanhoe
Lady Margarite  Television movie
1995 Bloodknot
Evelyn  Television movie
1996-1997 Boston Common
 Cookie De Varen 6 Episodes
1997 The Hunger
 Helen Sloan   Episode: “The Sloan Men”
1997 Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
 Mistress Helga (voice) 2 Episodes
1998 Touched by an Angel Rita Lasky Episode: “Miles to Go Before I Sleep”
1998 The Teddy Bears’ Scare  Mrs. Jones (voice)  Television movie
1999 Cry Rape
 Melanie Kelly  Television movie
1999 PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal
Miss Holton / Marla Cooke Episode: “School of Thought”
1999 La Femme Nikita Roberta Episode: “Walk On By”
1999 The Industry
Dian Del Largo Episode: “Diva”
2000 Common Ground
Mrs. Nelson  Television movie
2000 Someone Is Watching Sally Beckert
 Television movie
2000 Amazon  Morag 2 Episodes
2000 The Outer Limits Serena Episode: “Revival”
2000 The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne Madame Soretski Episode: “The Eyes Of Lazarus”
2000 Mentors Queen Elizabeth I Episode: “Her Grace Under Pressure”
2001 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Grace Mayberry Episode: “Pique”
2001 Earth: Final Conflict
Dr. Josephine Mataros  Television movie
2002 Society’s Child Joan  Television movie
2004 I’ll Be Seeing You Frances Grolier  Television movie
2004 Smallville Bridgette Crosby 2 Episodes
2005 Cool Money Peggy Comfort  Television movie
2005 Robson Arms
Elaine Wainwright 3 Episodes
2006 The L Word
Sandy Ziskin Episode: “Labia Majora”
2007 Brothers & Sisters Emily Craft 2 Episodes
2009 Something Evil Comes Claudia Brecker  Television movie
2014 R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour Mrs. Worthington Episode: “Mrs. Worthington”

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