With “Solo: A Star Wars Story” hitting theaters this weekend, Screenjunkies turn to the three Star Wars spinoffs that were made surrounding the original trilogy, featuring two films about Ewoks and a Christmas special starring the original cast. The Honest Trailer pokes fun at the ridiculous nature of the films, including Wilford Brimley yelling at kids and cussing in “Ewoks: The Battle For Endor,” Harrison Ford not giving a f*** in “Star Wars Holiday Special” as well as the unbearable Wookie story thread tying the special together. “Star Wars Holiday Special” was so bad, they even point out the fact that director George Lucas wanted it “destroyed forever… and that guy made ‘Attack of the Clones’.” The best references, however, come from the “Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure” section where the Ewoks are called “unblinking murder bears,” describing how they team up with “another creature that’s better in small doses… a kid.”

Official Synopsis: Before Solo: A Star Wars Story milks your nostalgia dry, discover three spinoffs that took everything from the old Star Wars and….let’s say…..gives you something different – it’s Honest Trailers: Star Wars Spinoffs

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