Even with “Incredibles 2” opening to $180 million last week, “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” topples last week’s champion with a $148 million opening, pushing “Incredibles 2” to second place with an $80 million second weekend. “Ocean’s 8,” “Tag,” and “Deadpool 2” round out the Top Five. “Solo: A Star Wars Story” has been bested by “Deadpool 2” this week by almost a million dollars, despite the latter being in release one week longer. “Hereditary” moves to beat “Superfly” and Mister Rogers documentary “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” takes a five spot leap to finally break the Top Ten.

Paul Rudd looks to have an interesting run over the course of the next few weeks, starting with “The Catcher Was A Spy,” which took the Number 23 spot with $114,771. Next week, Rudd stars in “Ideal Home” alongside Steve Coogan and then the following week, he looks to take the Number 1 Spot with “Ant-Man and the Wasp.” Dwayne Johnson’s “Rampage” took an impressive eleventh week jump from Number 23 to Number 12, this week, adding $923,183 to its total. “American Animals” took a nine spot jump from Number 25 to Number 16, adding $547,128 to its total. In fact, eight of the Top 25 moved up this week, including two films that crashed the list out of the blue: Warner Bros’ “Pandas” in its twelfth week and “The Seagull” starring Saoirse Ronan in its seventh week. “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” took the per theater average with an average of $33,078 from 4,475 theaters, while “Incredibles 2” also took runner-up position with an average of $18,219 from 4,410 theaters.

Off the list, “The Endless,” which hits home video tomorrow, had an impressive +1,967.3% increase, while “Rampage” was the percentage winner within the Top 25 with an increase of +244.3%. Falling off the list completely this week was “Hotel Artemis,” with a -92.9% decrease, and, falling off once again, “A Wrinkle In Time” takes a decrease of -95.1% after weeks available on home video. “Upgrade” also falls off the list in its fourth weekend with an -81.8% decrease. Last weekend’s new release “Race 3” was also not recorded in the weekend’s box office.

Next weekend, Josh Brolin and Benicio del Toro star in “Sicario: Day of the Saldado.” The original “Sicario” was rolled out slowly in limited release, but by the time it went wide, it grabbed a $12 million opening. A weekend even close to that would put the film at Number 3 next week. Looking to beat it, however, is the basketball comedy “Uncle Drew,” which is targeting an opening weekend of $16 million or more. Neither of these will come close to topping “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” or “Incredibles 2” and depending on how big of a drop “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” sees, the two films could be competing for the Number One spot.

# Title Weekend Total Budget Week LW CH
1 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (Uni) $148,024,610 ($148,024,610) $170m 1st N even
2 Incredibles 2 (BV) $80,347,651 ($349,794,341) $200m* 2nd #1 down
3 Ocean’s 8 (WB) $11,546,462 ($100,282,222) $70m 3rd #2 down
4 Tag (WB) $8,251,230 ($30,418,775) $28m 2nd #3 down
5 Deadpool 2 (Fox) $5,271,882 ($304,172,203) $110m 6th #5 even
6 Solo: A Star Wars Story (BV) $4,507,532 ($202,639,402) $300m* 5th #4 down
7 Hereditary (A24) $3,628,688 ($34,820,653) $10m* 3rd #7 even
8 Superfly (Col) $3,404,964 ($15,321,359) $16m 2nd #6 down
9 Avengers: Infinity War (BV) $2,584,228 ($669,568,677) $400m* 9th #8 down
10 Won’t You Be My Neighbor? (Focus) $1,821,089 ($4,076,867) ** 3rd #15
11 Book Club (Par) $953,955 ($64,693,167) $10m* 6th #10 down
12 Rampage (WB) $923,183 ($97,512,363) $120m 11th #23
13 Gotti (VE) $804,068 ($3,245,759) $10m* 2nd #11 down
14 Adrift (STX) $787,929 ($29,090,864) $35m 4th #9 downdown
15 Overboard (PNT) $552,979 ($49,376,956) $12m* 8th #19 down
16 American Animals (Orch) $547,128 ($1,432,552) $3m* 6th #25
17 RBG (Magn) $428,027 ($10,866,757) ** 8th #17 even
18 Breaking In (Uni) $368,655 ($45,780,170) $6m 7th #20
19 Hearts Beat Loud (G&S) $288,241 ($763,912) $2m* 3rd #24
20 First Reformed (A24) $221,321 ($2,850,999) $3.5m* 6th #22
21 A Quiet Place (Par) $163,384 ($186,860,889) $17m 12th #21 even
22 Life Of The Party (WB) $121,772 ($52,243,225) $30m* 7th #18 down
23 The Catcher Was A Spy (IFC) $114,771 ($114,771) ** 1st N even
24 Pandas (WB) $96,379 ($2,395,732) ** 12th #30
25 The Seagull (SPC) $95,606 ($1,055,956) ** 7th #28



Title Dom / World Budget Weeks Highest NOTE
Hotel Artemis (Glb Rd) $6,557,528
$35m 3rd #8 (-$28.4m)
Race 3 (Yash) $1,690,861 ** 2nd #12 **
Upgrade (BH Tilt) $11,482,640 $5m* 4th #6
A Wrinkle In Time (BV) $100,382,220
$103m* 16th #2

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