For the second straight weekend, “Captain Marvel” opened at Number One with $67.9 million to hold on to the crown. That was enough to make it the seventh highest second weekend for a Marvel movie, just above “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” ($65.2 million) and just below “Iron Man 3” ($72.5 million). It’s fourth as far as “solo” titles go, with “Black Panther,” “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” and “Iron Man 3” coming ahead of it, all in their second weekends. And comes second when talking about “solo” titles in their first installment, with “Black Panther” being the only other one. Also, an average of $15,775 per 4,130 theaters made it enough to grab the POPCORN AWARD for the second straight weekend as well.

Coming in second place was the newcomer “Wonder Park” at $15.8 million. With a 30% on Rotten Tomatoes and 46 on Metacritic, that might not be able to hang in the Top Five for very long. And with an estimated production budget of $100 million, that could prove costly for Paramount Pictures. Not doing much better critically was “Five Feet Apart” opened at Number Three with $13.1 million. Rotten Tomatoes aggregated its score at 52% while Metacritic gave it a 53. But with an estimate production budget of $7 million, it has already made its money back for Lionsgate.

“No Manches Frida 2” earned $3.8 million in its debut. That’s $200,000 more than the first “No Manches Frida” from 2016, but that one made about $2,000 more per theater. With the seventh worst opening wide weekend since 1982, Focus Features’ “Captive State” only earned $3.1 million on a $25 million production budget. That’s the worst wide release opening weekend ever for Focus. The only other new release this weekend was a surprise entry from Puerto Rico titled “Los Domirriqueños 2” which opened at Number 17 with just over a half of a million dollars. The original “Los Domirriqueños” became the most successful Puerto Rican film in the island’s history.

The Julianne Moore film “Gloria Bell” popped onto the List this weekend, jumping 17 spots and landing at Number 19 in its second weekend. Not only does that grab it a ROCKET, it also earns the GOLDEN PERCENTAGE AWARD with an increase of +151.0%.

The only other film to move up on the List was “Aquaman,” which overcame its spot at Number 25 last week, jumping to Number 22 this weekend. Everything else fell, with “Greta” falling eight spots in its third weekend and “Happy Death Day 2U,” “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse” (which has a home video release this week), “Run The Race,” “The Kid,” and “Everybody Knows” falling five or more spots.

Falling completely off the List, as predicted, were many of the Oscar films still hanging on. “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “A Star Is Born,” “Ralph Breaks The Internet,” and “The Favourite” all finished ahead on their production budgets while “Cold Pursuit” also dropped off but had not quite reached its budget after six weeks. Also, “Glass” joined those films that fell off the List, after nine weeks and a very healthy return on investment.

Next week, Jordan Peele’s “Us” should take the top spot away from “Captain Marvel,” aiming for a modest $48 million. I would aim a little higher considering the popularity of Peele and his Academy Award winning film “Get Out” from a few years back. Not much else should have an impact on the box office unless the 20th Anniversary re-release of “Cruel Intentions” is able to make a mark or if the Dev Patel-Armie Hammer film “Hotel Mumbai” becomes a bigger draw than expected. With that, any film at the bottom could see the end of its run, with “Everybody Knows,” “The Kid,” and “Run The Race” all starting to feel expendable.

BOX OFFICE KING: “Captain Marvel”
POPCORN AWARD*: “Captain Marvel”

# Title Weekend Total Budget Week LW CH
1 Captain Marvel (BV)
$67,988,130 ($264,884,063) $152m* 2nd #1
2 Wonder Park (Par)
$15,853,646 ($15,853,646) $100m* 1st N even
3 Five Feet Apart (LGF)
$13,190,286 ($13,190,286) $7m* 1st N even
4 How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (Uni)
$9,277,310 ($135,576,405) $129m 4th #2 down
5 Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral (LGF)
$7,836,167 ($58,819,182) $20m* 3rd #3 down
6 No Manches Frida 2 (PNT)
$3,831,401 ($3,831,401) ** 1st N even
7 Captive State (Focus)
$3,131,525 ($3,131,525) $25m* 1st N even
8 The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part (WB)
$2,150,853 ($101,335,566) $99m* 6th #4 down
9 Alita: Battle Angel (Fox)
$1,900,355 ($81,821,894) $170m 5th #5 down
10 Green Book (Uni) $1,258,795 ($82,601,826) $23m 18th #6 down
11 Isn’t It Romantic (WB)
$1,210,409 ($46,311,849) $5m* 5th #7 down
12 Apollo 11 (Neon)
$1,162,209 ($5,477,092) ** 3rd #10 down
13 Fighting with My Family (MGM)
$1,089,890 ($20,881,663) $99m* 5th #9 down
14 The Upside (STX)
$805,577 ($105,881,155) $37.5m 10th #12 down
15 What Men Want (Par)
$720,259 ($53,427,275) $20m 6th #11 down
16 Greta (Focus)
$657,880 ($9,987,580) ** 3rd #8 downdown
17 Los Domirriqueños 2 (Span)
$558,754 ($558,754) ** 1st N even
18 Badla (Relbig.)
$465,342 ($1,313,740) $3.5m* 2nd #17 down
19 Gloria Bell (A24)
$364,515 ($554,070) ** 2nd #36
20 Happy Death Day 2U (Uni)
$351,765 ($27,531,450) $9m 5th #13 downdown
21 Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (Sony) $317,037 ($189,482,090) $90m 14th #15 downdown
22 Aquaman (WB) $292,701 ($334,427,957) $200m* 13th #25
23 Run the Race (RAtt.)
$291,212 ($5,872,817) ** 4th #16 downdown
24 The Kid (2019) (LGF)
$269,265 ($1,052,691) $37m* 2nd #18 downdown
25 Everybody Knows (Focus) $262,900 ($2,312,921) $15m* 6th #20 downdown



Title Dom / World Budget Weeks Highest NOTE
Bohemian Rhapsody (Fox) $215,660,910
$52m 20th #1 (+$163.7m)
Cold Pursuit (LG/S) $31,595,048
$60m* 6th #3

The Favourite (FoxS) $34,043,401
$15m* 17th #11
Glass (Uni) $110,519,360
$20m 9th #1 (x3)
Ralph Breaks The Internet (BV) $200,809,328
$175m 17th #1 (x3)
A Star Is Born (WB) $215,052,994
$36m 24th #2 (x4)


*POPCORN AWARD goes to the highest per theater average within the Top 25 List
**GOLDEN PERCENTAGE AWARD goes to the highest increase within the Top 25 List

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