$53.5 million was enough to put “Shazam” on the throne this weekend, landing right around where projections had it ($52 million). The remake of “Pet Sematary” landed just slightly lower than its $28 million projection with a debut of $24.5 million, making it #2. STX’s “The Best Of Enemies” opened to $4.4 million, taking the #6 spot. Newcomer “The Public” landed at the #18 spot with a quarter of a million dollars, while “High Life” rounded out the List, also earning the POPCORN AWARD with an average of $24,835 in four theaters. Jumping up one spot, “The Mustang” took the GOLDEN PERCENTAGE AWARD with an increase of +30.4%. “The Aftermath” and “Isn’t It Romantic?” were the only other films to see an increase over the weekend.

A half dozen films fell more than five spots, including “Gloria Bell,” “The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part,” “Apollo 11,” “The Upside,” “Alita: Battle Angel,” and “Green Book.” All of these films are getting closer to facing the chopping block. The films that did get cut this weekend include “Aquaman” and “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse,” as predicted, which have also reached the end of their theatrical release. “The Hummingbird Project” also fell off as predicted along with two that weren’t in “What Men Want” and “Fighting With My Family,” both of which earned back their production budget.

As we grow closer to the release of “Avengers: Endgame,” a few films will try and grab what they can while they can. “Shazam!” should be able to pull off a second weekend with the crown, as Lionsgate’s remake of “Hellboy” is only eyeing a debut of $17 million, which may not even be enough to grab second place if “Pet Sematary” has any sort of lasting power. The Regina Hall, “Freaky Friday” twist movie “Little” will look to grab a $15 million debut, while the new Laika film “Missing Link” will try and make $11 million in its opening weekend. And “After” will look to make a splash in the Top Ten, eyeing a $3.9 million debut. A few other films that could potentially have a presence on the List include “Her Smell,” starring Elisabeth Moss, “Teen Spirit,” starring Elle Fanning, “Mary Magdalene,” starring Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara, and Terry Gillam’s long awaited “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote,” starring Adam Driver and Jonathan Pryce.

BOX OFFICE QUEEN: “Pet Sematary” (2019)

# Title Weekend Total Budget Week LW CH
1 Shazam! (WB)
$53,505,326 ($56,830,326) $100m 1st N even
2 Pet Sematary (2019) (Par)
$24,502,775 ($24,502,775) $21m 1st N even
3 Dumbo (2019) (Dis)
$18,213,967 ($76,261,456) $170m* 2nd #1 down
4 Us (2019) (Uni)
$13,798,520 ($152,381,515) $20m 3rd #2 down
5 Captain Marvel (BV)
$12,431,803 ($373,880,366) $152m* 5th #3 down
6 The Best Of Enemies (STX)
$4,446,190 ($4,446,190) $10m 1st N even
7 Five Feet Apart (LGF)
$3,580,237 ($41,471,489) $7m* 4th #5 down
8 Unplanned (PFR)
$3,280,645 ($12,548,155) $6m 2nd #4 down
9 Wonder Park (Par)
$2,155,529 ($42,096,042) $100m* 4th #6 down
10 How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (Uni)
$1,993,225 ($156,700,470) $129m 7th #7 down
11 Hotel Mumbai (BST)
$1,779,566 ($6,420,666) ** 3rd #8 down
12 Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral (LGF)
$1,142,191 ($72,090,992) $20m* 6th #9 down
13 The Mustang (Focus) $779,215 ($2,053,910) ** 4th #14
14 The Beach Bum (Neon)
$487,078 ($3,005,408) $5m* 2nd #10 down
15 No Manches Frida 2 (PNT)
$404,657 ($8,736,784) ** 4th #12 down
16 Gloria Bell (A24)
$365,980 ($5,007,471) ** 5th #11 downdown
17 The Aftermath (FoxS)
$360,106 ($1,088,679) ** 4th #18
18 The Public (GW)
$259,455 ($259,455) ** 1st N even
19 Isn’t It Romantic (WB)
$207,458 ($48,429,584) $5m* 8th #20
20 The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part (WB)
$205,421 ($105,114,150) $99m* 9th #13 downdown
21 Apollo 11 (Neon)
$196,267 ($8,080,698) ** 6th #16 downdown
22 The Upside (STX)
$192,160 ($107,839,886) $37.5m 13th #17 downdown
23 Alita: Battle Angel (Fox)
$169,876 ($85,316,378) $170m 8th #15 downdown
24 Green Book (Uni) $137,995 ($84,766,206) $23m 21st #19 downdown
25 High Life (A24)
$99,341 ($99,341) $9m* 1st N



Title Dom / World Budget Weeks Highest NOTE
Aquaman (WB) $335,061,807
$200m* (16th) #1 (x3)

Fighting with My Family (MGM) $22,726,193 $11m* 8th #4
The Hummingbird Project (Orch) $348,843 ** 4th #25
Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (Sony) $190,241,310
$90m 17th #1

What Men Want (Par) $54,584,109
$20m 9th #2


*POPCORN AWARD goes to the highest per theater average within the Top 25 List
**GOLDEN PERCENTAGE AWARD goes to the highest increase within the Top 25 List

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