Sony Pictures | 2019 | 97 min | Rated PG
Directed by Thurop Van Orman & John Rice

BUY: $19.99
RENT: $5.99

4K: $24.96
BR: $19.96
DVD: $17.99

4K: $24.99
BR: $19.99

4K: $24.96
BR: $19.96
2-DVD: $19.96
DVD: $17.99

4K: $24.99
BR EX: $22.99
BR: $19.99
DVD: $17.99


The flightless angry birds and the scheming green piggies take their beef to the next level in THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE 2! When a new threat emerges that puts both Bird and Pig Island in danger, Red (Jason Sudeikis), Chuck (Josh Gad), Bomb (Danny McBride), and Mighty Eagle (Peter Dinklage) recruit Chuck’s sister Silver (Rachel Bloom) and team up with pigs Leonard (Bill Hader), his assistant, Courtney (Awkwafina), and techpig, Garry (Sterling K. Brown), to forge an unsteady truce and form an unlikely super team to save their homes.

  • ALL NEW MINI MOVIE! – “Live Stream”: When Silver attempts her first livestream, Red is the ultimate Angry Bird while the adorable Hatchlings get into mischief.
  • 6 Classic Hatchling Mini Movies
  • DIY Family Fun!:
    • “Hangry Birds: Popcorn Balls”: No need to be angry or hangry with this simple, fun cooking tutorial. Follow along to make Red’s go-to comfort food and enjoy these tasty popcorn balls at home.
    • “Smarty Birds: Crafty Volcano”: From the volcano on Eagle Island, Zeta plots her sinister plan and sends her lava balls flying. But why should Zeta have all the fun? Build your own volcano and watch it erupt combining crafts and science in this brainy how-to video!
    • “Crafty Birds: Pig Snot!”: Ready to roll up your sleeves and get a little messy? It’s time to mix a few ingredients and create your very own pig snot (slime!). Just make sure to keep it away from Bomb…he likes to drink it. (Eeeew!)
  • “Bird Watching”: In this hilarious “birds-eye” view of the real-life species that inspired the artists, we take a trip to the LA ZOO to get up close and personal with real-life Mighty Eagles, Blue Birds, Toucans, and more. With fun reactions from the cast intercut throughout the piece – get ready to laugh, learn and meet some amazing avian friends
  • “Meet The New Birds & Pigs”: Join the returning cast and meet the unique new cast members giving voice to the hilarious characters in Angry Birds 2. In exclusive BTS recording sessions and interviews, we’ll see how Leslie Jones, Rachel Bloom, Eugenio Derbez, and Sterling K. Brown bring these unforgettable characters to life.
  • “Hatching the Hatchlings”: The Hatchlings are soooooo cute! And in Angry Birds 2, we get to join them on their very own adventure! Meet these mischievous little troublemakers as we talk to filmmakers about the creation of the Hatchlings and their expanded storyline in the film, and hear from cast members about their love for these adorable baby birds.
  • “Flocking Together: Making The Angry Birds Movie 2”: Go behind the scenes with the flock of talented artists who worked together to make The Angry Birds Movie 2.
  • “Happy Thanks-pigging”: Zeta is not a fan of the traditional Thanksgiving menu!
  • “Jingle Birds: A Holiday Song From The Cast of Angry Birds 2”: Sing along with Rachel Bloom and Jason Sudeikis with a new twist on this holiday classic.


Warner Bros. | 2018-2019 | 124 min | Rated TV-14

BUY: $29.99

BR: $32.99
DVD: $29.99

BR: $32.99
DVD: $28.99

BR: $32.99
DVD: $29.99

BR: $32.99
DVD: $29.99


For years, fans have been delighted watching their favorite physicists Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons) navigate the universe and everyday life along with Penny (Kaley Cuoco), and fellow scientists Howard (Simon Helberg), Raj (Kunal Nayyar), Amy (Mayim Bialik) and Bernadette (Melissa Rauch), as well as other beloved characters. Now that Sheldon has married neurobiologist Amy Farrah Fowler, he’ll have to make some serious adjustments to their “Relationship Agreement” in Season 12. Will their equation for marital bliss alter the chemistry between these two beautiful minds? Perhaps Leonard and Penny will provide the data as they experiment with variable in their own marriage. Meanwhile, Howard and Bernadette explore the principles of parenthood, and Raj considers a traditional arranged marriage. Quantum comedy converges in the twelfth dimension for the final season!

  • Unraveling the Mystery: A Big Bang Farewell Special
  • The Last Days of The Big Bang Theory
  • The Big Bang Theory’s Impact
  • The Sweet Spot
  • The Big Bang Theory Cast Visits Ellen
  • The Big Bang Theory: 2018 Comic-Con Panel
  • Gag Reel


Criterion | 1996 | 87 min | Not rated
Directed by Greg Mottola

BR: $31.96
DVD: $23.96

BR: $22.97
DVD: $21.63

BR: $27.99
DVD: $22.99

BR: $31.96
DVD: $23.96


With its droll humor and bittersweet emotional heft, the feature debut of writer-director Greg Mottola announced the arrival of an unassumingly sharp-witted new talent on the 1990s indie film scene. When she discovers a love letter written to her husband (Stanley Tucci) by an unknown paramour, the distraught Eliza (Hope Davis) turns to her tight-knit Long Island family for advice. Soon the entire clan—strong-willed mom (Anne Meara), taciturn dad (Pat McNamara), and jaded sister (Parker Posey) with pretentious boyfriend (Liev Schreiber) in tow—has squeezed into a station wagon and headed into Manhattan to find out the truth, kicking off a one-crazy-day odyssey full of unexpected detours and life-changing revelations. Performed with deadpan virtuosity by a top-flight ensemble cast, The Daytrippers is a wry and piercing look at family bonds stretched to the breaking point.

  • New 4K digital restoration, supervised by director Greg Mottola, with uncompressed stereo soundtrack on the Blu-ray
  • New audio commentary featuring Mottola, editor Anne McCabe, and producer Steven Soderbergh
  • New interviews with Mottola and actors Hope Davis, Parker Posey, Liev Schreiber, and Campbell Scott
  • The Hatbox, a 1985 short film by Mottola, with audio commentary by the director
  • PLUS: An essay by critic Emily Nussbaum

New cover by R. Kikuo Johnson


Lionsgate Films | 2019 | 89 min | Rated PG-13
Directed by Johannes Roberts

BUY: $17.99
RENT: $5.99

BR: $19.96
DVD: $14.99

BR: $19.99
DVD: $22.99

BR: $19.96
DVD: 14.96

BR: $19.99
DVD: $14.99


47 Meters Down: Uncaged follows the diving adventure of four teenage girls exploring a submerged Mayan city. Once inside, their rush of excitement turns into a jolt of terror as they discover the sunken ruins are a hunting ground for deadly great white sharks. With their air supply steadily dwindling, the friends must navigate the underwater labyrinth of claustrophobic caves and eerie tunnels in search of a way out of their watery hell.

  • Audio Commentary with Writer-Director Johannes Roberts, Producer James Harris, and Writer Ernest Riera
  • Diving Deeper: Uncaging 47 Meters Down
  • Optional English SDH and Spanish subtitles for the main feature

Lionsgate Films | 2019 | 100 min | Rated PG
Directed By Lulu Wang

BUY: $14.99
RENT: $5.99

BR: $17.99
DVD: $13.99

BR: $17.99
DVD: $13.99

BR: $17.99
DVD: $13.99

BR: $17.99
DVD: $14.99


After learning that her family’s beloved matriarch, Nai Nai, has been given mere weeks to live, Chinese-born, U.S.-raised Billi returns to Changchun to find that her family has decided to keep the news from Nai Nai. While the family gathers under the joyful guise of an expedited wedding, Billi rediscovers the country she left as a child, and is forever changed by her grandmother’s wondrous spirit, in this richly moving story of how family can unite and strengthen us — often in spite of ourselves.

  • Audio Commentary with Writer-Director Lulu Wang and Cinematographer Anna Franquesa-Solano
  • “Nothing but the Truth: Confessions of a Writer-Director” Featurette
  • “Going Home: A Conversation with Awkwafina” Featurette
  • Deleted Scenes

Universal Studios | 2019 | 90 min | Rated R
Directed By Gene Stupnitsky

BUY: $19.99
RENT: $5.99

BR: $22.96
DVD: $17.96

BR: $22.99
DVD: $17.99

BR: $22.96
DVD: $17.96

BR: $22.99
DVD: $23.99


After being invited to his first kissing party, 12-year-old Max (Jacob Tremblay; Room) is panicking because he doesn’t know how to kiss. Eager for some pointers, Max and his best friends Thor (Brady Noon, HBO’s Boardwalk Empire) and Lucas (Keith L. Williams, Fox’s The Last Man On Earth) decide to use Max’s dad’s drone – which Max is forbidden to touch – to spy on a teenage couple making out next door. But when things go ridiculously wrong, the drone is destroyed. Desperate to replace it before Max’s dad (Will Forte, The Last Man on Earth) gets home, the boys skip school and set off on an odyssey of epically bad decisions involving some accidentally stolen drugs, frat-house paintball, and running from both the cops and two terrifying teenage girls.

    • Turtle vs. Tortoise
    • Benji Don’t Like That
    • Customer Service
    • Ball Pit Shenanigans
    • Tracking Molly
    • Stealing a Glance
    • Upsell Fail
    • Max Explodes
    • Best Friends
    • Traffic Jam
    • First Kiss Heartbreak
  • BOYS FOR REAL – A look into the casting process and real-life friendships that evolved on-set.
  • WELCOME TO VANCOUVER – Watch as Jacob Tremblay shows off some of his favorite things about his home town.
  • A FINE LINE – Hear filmmakers and cast discuss how the film’s stars delivered such colorful dialogue without necessarily knowing what the words mean.
  • ASK YOUR PARENTS – Cast and filmmakers talk about how they were able to navigate adult questions from curious child actors.
  • BAD GIRLS – Molly Gordon and Midori Francis discuss how they were able to ramp up the mean, and how Annabelle was able to raise the comedy stakes.
  • GUEST STARS – Take a closer look at some of the hilarious guest stars that lent their unique talents to the film.
  • Optional English SDH, Spanish and French Subtitles

Lionsgate Films | 2018 | 93 min | Rated PG-13
Directed By Tyler Nilson & Michael Schwartz

BUY: $14.99
RENT: $5.99

BR: $17.99
DVD: $13.28

BR: $12.99
DVD: $13.99

BR: $12.96
DVD: $12.96

BR: $17.99
DVD: $14.89


The Peanut Butter Falcon follows Zak (Zack Gottsagen), a young man with Down syndrome who runs away from a residential nursing home to fulfill his dream of attending the pro wrestling school of his idol, The Salt Water Redneck (Thomas Haden Church). On the road, Zak meets Tyler (Shia LaBeouf), a small-time outlaw who becomes Zak’s unlikely coach and ally. Together, they set out on a wild, life-changing journey and try to convince Eleanor (Dakota Johnson), a kind nursing-home employee charged with bringing Zak back, to join them.

  • Photo Gallery
  • “Zack’s Story: The Making of Peanut Butter Falcon” Featurette
  • Optional English SDH subtitles for the main feature


Sony Pictures | 2018-2019 | Not Rated

DVD: $19.96

DVD: $22.99

DVD: $19.96

DVD: $19.99


In COBRA KAI, the highly-anticipated return of two iconic characters, the arch-rivals from the legendary The Karate Kid film series reunite over 30 years after the events of the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament. Now living in the affluent hills of Encino, Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) lead an enviable life. Meanwhile, his high school adversary, Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), has taken a rocky turn, but seeks redemption by reopening the infamous Cobra Kai karate dojo. Their lives inevitably become intertwined and the rivalry is reignited, setting forth the next generation of “karate kids.”

  • Collectible packaging with double-sided headband
  • Fists & Fury: Fight Choreography
  • Into the Dojo: The Characters and Easter Eggs
  • Bonus Scenes and Gag Reel
  • Cast Chemistry Reads
  • Exploring the Musical Identities of Cobra Kai & Miyagi-Do with Composers
  • Musical Performances at the Whiskey A Go-Go with Guest William Zabka
  • Making Faces & Stingray Reel

  • The 100: Season Six (2019)
  • The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Series (2007-2019)
  • Bungo Stray Dogs: Seasons One And Two (2016)
  • Cobra Kai: Season One & Two (Limited Collector’s Edition)
  • Doctor Who: The Macra Terror
  • Gosick: The Complete Series (2010-2011)
  • Izetta: The Last Witch – The Complete Series (2016)
  • Poldark: Seasons One-Five
  • Poldark: Season Five (2019)
  • Radiant: Season One – Part One (2018)
  • Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Season Five – Part Two (1996-1997)
  • Shomin Sample: The Complete Series (2015)
  • Valkyrie Drive Mermaid: The Complete Series (2015)



RLJ Entertainment | 1988 | 103 min
Directed By Michael Lehmann

BR SB: $19.99


A deliciously nasty black comedy, Heathers is set at a cliquish high school in Ohio. The most exclusive of those cliques is the Heathers, comprised of the prettiest and most popular girls in town. The group’s leader is the manipulative Kim Walker, who orchestrates the humiliation of anyone who fails to meet her standards. Eventually, Heathers member Winona Ryder begins to exhibit a conscience; together with her hardcase boyfriend Christian Slater, Ryder plots to avenge all the unfortunate victims of the group. Before long, Heather (Kim Walker) ends up dead along with Kurt and Ram, with poignant suicide notes posted near their bodies

  • Audio Commentary with Director Michael Lehmann, Producer Denise Di Novi and Writer Daniel Waters
  • Return To Westerburg High documentary
  • Swatch Dogs And Diet Coke Heads documentary
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Fast Film Facts


Shout Factory | 2016 | 86 min | Rated R
Directed By Akiva Schaffer & Jorma Taccone

BR SB: $24.99

BR SB: $29.97

BR SB: $27.73


After a two-year, sold-out, worldwide tour, Conner4Real is the biggest name in music. Then, his sophomore album flops, with Rolling Stone rating it with a “sh*t emoji.” Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping goes behind the scenes as Conner faces a crisis of popularity, leaving fans, sycophants and rivals all wondering what to do when Conner4Real is no longer the dopest star of all. The hilarious comedy from blockbuster producer Judd Apatow (Trainwreck, Superbad, Knocked Up) and Digital Short superstars, The Lonely Island, is loaded with cameos from the biggest names in comedy and music, including Justin Timberlake, Adam Levine, Pharrell Williams, Carrie Underwood, DJ Khaleed, Nas, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Ringo Starr, Simon Cowell, Questlove, Mariah Carey, and many more.

  • Audio Commentary With Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer And Jorma Taccone
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Music Videos
  • Gag Reel
  • Interview Outtakes
  • Bonus Footage


Paramount Pictures | 2019 | 710 min | Not rated

BR SB: $39.99


After answering a distress signal from the U.S.S. Enterprise, the U.S.S. Discovery welcomes aboard Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) and begins a new mission to investigate the meaning behind seven mysterious red signals. Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) grapples with her past growing up on Vulcan with her foster parents and brother Spock (Ethan Peck).

  • ENTER THE ENTERPRISE: Discovery’s production designer, builders, actors, and producers discuss the daunting task of reviving the iconic ship’s bridge.
  • PUTTING IT TOGETHER: Follow the real-life Discovery crew through preparation, shooting, and posting the second-season finale.
  • THE RED ANGEL: Go behind the scenes with Discovery’s producers and directors, as well as Sonequa Martin-Green and the craftspeople who created the Red Angel and made it come to life.
  • DESIGNING DISCOVERY: SEASON TWO: On a show where no location exists in our world, the production and lighting design teams must create every space. Learn how they pulled it off.
  • PROP ME UP: SEASON TWO: Propmaster Mario Moreira takes fans through the world of Discovery props.
  • DRESS FOR SUCCESS: SEASON TWO: Gersha Phillips and her team discuss how costumes inform a character and how they create a spectacular array of clothing, uniforms, and armor for every kind of species.
  • CREATURE COMFORTS: SEASON TWO: Producers, craftsmen, and actors discuss the design process, the implementation, and the performance required to bring characters to life. Be sure to watch the one-on-one conversation between makeup artist James MacKinnon and L’Rell actress Mary Chieffo.
  • CREATING SPACE: There are some shots that just can’t be done practically when a show is set in space. The VFX team, headed by Jason Zimmerman, pushes the envelope every week to create amazing computer graphics in order to give fans a realistic feel of space.
  • STAR TREK: DISCOVERY: THE VOYAGE OF SEASON TWO: A look at the adventures and plot twists encountered in season two by the Discovery crew.


  • The 5th Dementia (2019)
  • 42nd Street Pete Presents Girl Nappers Grindhouse Triple Feature
  • 42nd Street Pete’s 8mm Madness Volume 2, Number 1: The Rough and Raunchy Collection
  • 2020: Fallen Earth
  • After the Wedding (2019)
  • Aliens Down Under (2019)
  • All For Liberty (2009)
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber: Live Musicals Collection
  • Angel On My Shoulder (1945)
  • Antrum: The Deadliest Film Ever Made
  • Appointment In Honduras (1953)
  • Aquarela (2019)
  • The Attic (2007)
  • Beasts of Burden (2018)
  • Bigfoot Girl (2019)
  • Billy the Kid and the Green Baize Vampire (1985)
  • Bliss (2019)
  • Brian Banks (2019)
  • Buffet Froid (1979)
  • Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles (2018)
  • The Bygone (2019)
  • Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol (2017)
  • Charley Varrick (1973)
  • Children of the Corn (1984) (Remastered)
  • A Christmas Carol (1951)
  • Christmas Child (2003)
  • C.H.U.D. (1984)
  • The Claire Wizard Thesis (2018)
  • The Complete PRC Michael Shayne Mystery Collection
  • The Corporate Coup D’État (2018)
  • Cosmic Conspiracy
  • Creepshow 2 (1987)
  • Cross: Rise of the Villains (2019)
  • Cubby
  • Danger God (2018)
  • Dangerous Love Affairs (1959)
  • Darkslide (2017)
  • David and Goliath (1961)
  • D-Day: The Battle of Omaha Beach
  • Dead-End Drive-In (1986)
  • Dilili In Paris (2019)
  • Disconnect. Reconnect. (2013)
  • Divorcing God (2012)
  • The Documentary
  • The Donmar Trilogy
  • Down by the River (2012)
  • Dreamland
  • Dying To Be Heard (2013)
  • Emanuelle in America (1977)
  • The Enrico Cecchetti Diploma
  • Erotic Nights of the Blind Dead
  • Escape To Burma (1955)
  • The Far Country (1954)
  • Fathers (2012)
  • Flesh Blanket (2018)
  • Flintown Kids (2009)
  • Flowers in the Attic (1987) (Arrow Video)
  • For Such A Time (2010)
  • Fronteras (2018)
  • The Godfathers of Hardcore
  • Gone Fishin’ (1997)
  • The Gun Runners (1958)
  • Hercule Poirot: Coffret 6
  • Hot Knives: A Slacker Odyssey
  • House (1985)
  • House II: The Second Story (1987)
  • The Human Trace (2008)
  • I’m Dreaming of a White Doomsday (2017)
  • The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley
  • Jacob on the Road (2012)
  • Joseph and His Brethren (1960)
  • Jurassic Genius: Great Big Sharks
  • Kill Daddy Goodnight (2008)
  • Kingdom Under The Sea: The Gift (2002)
  • Kingdom Under The Sea: The Red Tide (2000)
  • Kingdom Under The Sea: Return of the King (2000)
  • Knife Skills (2017)
  • Koan of Spring (2013)
  • Leo Da Vinci: Mission Mona Lisa (2018)
  • Leonard Soloway’s Broadway
  • Les Liaisons Dangereuses (1959)
  • Let’s Talk About It
  • The Listing (2017)
  • Love and Other Stunts (2018)
  • Love, Antosha
  • Madigan (1968)
  • Mobutu’s African Movie Theater (2019)
  • Mobutu’s African Movie Theater: Episode 2
  • Mobutu’s African Movie Theater: Episode 3
  • Mom + Mom
  • The Mountain (2018)
  • Music Machine (2003)
  • Music Machine: Benny’s Biggest Battle
  • My Refuge (2011)
  • The Mysterious Mr. M (1946)
  • The Nativity: The Life of Jesus Christ (1984)
  • Natsu No Arashi! (2009)
  • Nearly Departed (2019)
  • New World Order (2012)
  • The Nutty Professor Collection (1996-2000)
  • On The Edge (1989)
  • Operation Crossbow (1965)
  • Our Rose Garden
  • The Phantom Creeps (1939)
  • Philophobia: Or the Fear of Falling in Love (2019)
  • Phyllida Lloyd’s All Female Shakespeare Trilogy
  • Polaroid (2019)
  • Prepper (2016)
  • Pretenders (2018)
  • The Red Rider (1934)
  • Return to Macon County (1975)
  • Return to Return to Nuke ‘Em High a.k.a. Vol. 2 (2017)
  • Road Games (1981) (Collector’s Edition)
  • The Roaring West (1935)
  • Rosa Leigh (2018)
  • Samson (2012)
  • Saving Atlantis (2019)
  • Scared of Revolution (2019)
  • Seamonsters (2011)
  • Sea of Shadows (2019)
  • Sex Down Under
  • Shark School: Shark-Mania
  • Shock: My Abstraction of Death (2013)
  • Shooting in Vain (2018)
  • Silent and Forgotten (2018)
  • Slugs (1988)
  • Small Town Killers (2016)
  • A Snow White Christmas
  • Southern Chillers (2018)
  • Spirited Away (2001) (Collector’s Edition)
  • Steven Universe: The Movie
  • Streams in the Desert: Discovering God’s Call (2015)
  • Street People (1976)
  • The Stuff (1985)
  • The Sword (2009)
  • Tel Aviv on Fire (2019)
  • They Are We (2014)
  • Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974)
  • Too Tall
  • Troupers (2011)
  • Truth
  • The Umbrella Man (2014)
  • The Unicorn Adventure (2017)
  • Verdi: La Traviata
  • Virgin Cheerleaders in Chains (2018)
  • V Is For Vampire (2000)
  • The Weekend (2018)
  • Werewolf in a Girls’ Dormitory (1961)
  • Where’s The Soul?
  • Who Killed Lt. Van Dorn? (2018)
  • Wicked World (1991)
  • Winter Kills (1979)
  • The World, the Flesh, and the Devil (1959)
  • WWE: Hell in a Cell 2019
  • Yesterday Was a Lie (2008)
  • The Young Believers (2012)
  • Zack’s Zap Pack

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