NOVEMBER 5, 2021

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Directed By: Chloé Zhao
Studio: Walt Disney Pictures + Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios’ Eternals features an exciting new team of Super Heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ancient aliens who have been living on Earth in secret for thousands of years. Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, an unexpected tragedy forces them out of the shadows to reunite against mankind’s most ancient enemy, the Deviants.

Starring: Gemma Chan, Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjiani, Lia McHugh, Brian Tyree Henry, Lauren Ridloff, Barry Keoghan, Don Lee, Harish Patel, Kit Harington, Salma Hayek, and Angelina Jolie
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Fantasy | Sci-Fi
Country: USA | UK (English)
Rating: PG-13 (for fantasy violence and action, some language and brief sexuality)
Runtime: 156 minutes


Red Notice

Directed By: Rawson Marshall Thurber
Studio: Netflix

In the world of international crime, an Interpol agent attempts to hunt down and capture the world’s most wanted art thief.

Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot
Genre: Action | Comedy | Crime | Thriller
Country: USA (English)
Rating: PG-13 (for violence and action, some sexual references, and strong language)
Runtime: 117 minutes



Directed By: Pablo Larraín
Studio: Neon

The marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles has long since grown cold. Though rumors of affairs and a divorce abound, peace is ordained for the Christmas festivities at the Queen’s Sandringham Estate. There’s eating and drinking, shooting and hunting. Diana knows the game. But this year, things will be profoundly different. SPENCER is an imagining of what might have happened during those few fateful days.

Starring: Kristen Stewart, Jack Farthing, Timothy Spall, Sean Harris, and Sally Hawkins
Genre: Biography | Drama | Romance
Country: USA | UK | Germany | Chile (English)
Rating: R (for some language)
Runtime: 111 minutes



Directed By: Miguel Sapochnik
Studio: Apple TV+

In “Finch,” a man, a robot and a dog form an unlikely family in a powerful and moving adventure of one man’s quest to ensure that his beloved canine companion will be cared for after he’s gone. Tom Hanks stars as Finch, a robotics engineer and one of the few survivors of a cataclysmic solar event that has left the world a wasteland. But Finch, who has been living in an underground bunker for a decade, has built a world of his own that he shares with his dog, Goodyear. He creates a robot, played by Caleb Landry Jones, to watch over Goodyear when he no longer can. As the trio embarks on a perilous journey into a desolate American West, Finch strives to show his creation, who names himself Jeff, the joy and wonder of what it means to be alive. Their road trip is paved with both challenges and humor, as it’s as difficult for Finch to goad Jeff and Goodyear to get along as it is for him to manage the dangers of the new world.

Starring: Tom Hanks, Caleb Landry Jones, Samira Wiley, Laura Harrier, and Skeet Ulrich
Genre: Drama | Sci-Fi
Country: USA | UK (English)
Rating: PG-13 (for brief violent images)
Runtime: 115 minutes


Paranormal Activity: Next Of Kin

Directed By: William Eubank
Studio: Paramount+

A documentary filmmaker follows Margot as she heads to a secluded Amish community, in the hopes of meeting and learning about her long-lost mother and extended family. Following a string of strange occurrences and discoveries, she soon realizes this community that welcomed them into their home might be hiding something sinister…

Starring: Emily Bader, Roland Buck III, Dan Lippert, Henry Ayres-Brown, and Tom Nowicki
Genre: Horror | Mystery | Thriller
Country: USA (English & German)
Rating: R (for violence and bloody images, and language throughout)
Runtime: 98 minutes


7 Prisoners

Directed By: Alexandre Moratto
Studio: Netflix

18-year-old Mateus (Christian Malheiros) hopes to provide a better life for his working-class family in the countryside. Accepting a new job in São Paolo, he is shuttled into the city with a handful of other teenage boys from his town, unaware of what awaits them: exhausting work in a scrapyard and their identity cards seized by a vicious taskmaster and exploiter, Luca (Rodrigo Santoro), who threatens them with the unthinkable if they try to escape. But, as Mateus learns, even the boss has a boss. And if he wants to find a way out, what will he have to become?

Starring: Christian Malheiros and Rodrigo Santoro
Genre: Drama | International
Country: Brazil (Portuguese)
Rating: R (for language, some violence and a sexual reference)
Runtime: 90 minutes


Mark, Mary & Some Other People

Directed By: Hannah Marks
Studio: Vertical Entertainment

Mark and Mary, acquaintances from college, run into each other at a drug store as Mary is buying a pregnancy test. The test is negative and the two wind up dating and rapidly falling for each other. Mark has a more traditional view of relationships and Mary’s view is more modern and progressive. They try “ethical non-monogamy” at Mary’s request, and create their own version of an open relationship, while also trying to balance their fledgling careers and friendships. Through a series of ups and downs, Mary starts to realize she’s more traditional than she thought whereas Mark starts to open up and see the world differently through Mary and a polyamorous lens.

Starring: Hayley Law, Ben Rosenfield, Odessa A’zion, Nik Dodani, Matt Shively, Sofia Bryant, Gillian Jacobs, Joe Lo Truglio, Steve Little, Kelli Berglund, Haley Ramm, Peter Williams and Lea Thompson
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA (English)
Rating: Not Rated
Runtime: 90 minutes



Directed By: David Hackl
Studio: Lionsgate

Ex-con and reformed sociopath Dylan Forrester (Scott Eastwood) is trying to quietly serve out his parole — with the help of a steady supply of antidepressants and his eccentric psychiatrist (Mel Gibson). But when his brother dies under mysterious circumstances, Dylan breaks parole and, with a dogged FBI agent (Famke Janssen) on his trail, goes to uncover the truth. A band of heavily armed mercenaries wants something Dylan’s brother was hiding, and Dylan will need all his guile and tactical skills to survive in this action-packed thriller costarring Kevin Durand and Tyrese Gibson.

Starring: Scott Eastwood, Tyrese Gibson, Famke Janssen, Kevin Durand, and Mel Gibson
Genre: Action | Thriller
Country: USA (English)
Rating: R (for violence and language)
Runtime: 99 minutes


Ida Red

Directed By: John Swab
Studio: Saban Films

Crime boss Ida “Red” Walker turns to her son, Wyatt, to pull off one last heist to get out of prison. However, with the FBI closing in, Wyatt must soon choose between family and freedom.

Starring: Melissa Leo, Frank Grillo, Josh Hartnett, Sofia Hublitz, William Forsythe, Deborah Ann Woll, and Mark Boone Junior
Genre: Action | Thriller
Country: USA (English)
Rating: R (for language throughout, strong violence, and some sexual content)
Runtime: 111 minutes


One Shot

Directed By: James Nunn
Studio: Screen Media Films

In an effort to prevent a terrorist attack on Washington D.C., an elite squad of Navy SEALs led by Lt. Blake Harris (Scott Adkins) and a junior CIA analyst Zoe Anderson (Ashley Greene) must retrieve a prisoner from a CIA black site island prison. Tensions flare as Deputy Site Manager Tom Shields (Ryan Phillippe) refuses to release the suspected terrorist based solely on Anderson’s intel, but when the base comes under attack by waves of insurgents they must band together to complete the mission.

Starring: Scott Adkins, Ashley Greene, Ryan Phillippe, Emmanuel Imani, and Dino Kelly
Genre: Comedy | International
Country: UK (English)
Rating: Not Rated
Runtime: 96 minutes



Directed By: Blerta Basholli
Studio: Zeitgeist Films

HIVE is a searing drama based on the true story of Fahrije (Yllka Gashi), who, like many of the other women in her patriarchal village, has lived with fading hope and burgeoning grief since her husband went missing during the war in Kosovo. In order to provide for her struggling family, she pulls together the other widows in her community to launch a business selling a local food product. Finding healing and solace in considering a future without their husbands–but their will to begin living independently is met with hostility. The men in the village condemn Fahrije’s efforts to empower herself and the women around her, starting a feud that threatens their newfound sovereignty–and the financial future of Fahrije’s family. Against the backdrop of Eastern Europe’s civil unrest and lingering misogyny, Fahrije and the women of her village join in a struggle to find hope in the face of an uncertain future. HIVE is a pithy, devastating portrait of loss and our uphill journeys to freedom.

Starring: Yllka Gashi, Çun Lajçi and Aurita Agushi
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | International | Thriller
Country: Kosovo | Switzerland | Albania | Republic of Macedonia (Albanian)
Rating: Not Rated
Runtime: 84 minutes


NEEDTOBREATHE: Into the Mystery

Directed By: Chris Phelps
Studio: Greenwich Entertainment

A chronicle of the unique recording of NEEDTOBREATHE’s latest album. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and without telling a soul, the band decamped to a historic house-turned-recording studio in remote Tennessee to work on new music. Over three weeks, they resided under one roof and handcrafted an album that may contain their most important music ever. A rare look at the collaboration of artists at the height of their creative powers who are struggling with the same fear and isolation that has affected everyone.

Starring: Needtobreathe, Bear Rinehart, Seth Bolt, and Josh Lovelace
Genre: Documentary | Music
Country: USA (English)
Rating: Not Rated
Runtime: 65 minutes


A Gift from Bob

Directed By: Charles Martin Smith
Studio: Saban Films

Christmas gifts come in all shapes and sizes. For James (Luke Treadaway), a struggling street musician, a very special one arrives in the form of Bob, a strong-willed stray cat who wanders into James’s tiny flat. Bob enriches James’s life, giving him companionship, purpose, and a large, new audience. When Animal Welfare officers threaten to take Bob, the local community rallies to help James and Bob — sparking a journey that takes the pair to places they never imagined in this heartwarming, spirit-lifting movie for the whole family.

Starring: Luke Treadaway, Anna Wilson-Jones, Stephen McCole, Nina Wadia, and Celyn Jones
Genre: Family | International
Country: UK (English)
Rating: Not Rated
Runtime: 92 minutes


La Flamme Rouge

Directed By: Brent Scott Maze & Derek Maze
Studio: Level 33 Entertainment

One traumatic night unravels the life of a retired cycling champ into a nightmarish fever dream of murder, steroid rings, and assassins. Only a renegade detective can help him survive until sunrise.

Starring: Clint Howard, Balthazar Getty, Todd Lowe, Nicole LaLiberte, and Charlie McElveen
Genre: Crime | Thriller
Country: USA (English)
Rating: Not Rated
Runtime: — minutes


Gaza Mon Amour

Directed By: Arab Nasser & Tarzan Nasser
Studio: Samuel Goldwyn Films

An old fisherman is in love with Siham, a woman who works at the market with her daughter. One day, he finds an ancient statue of Apollo in his fishing nets and decides to approach her with the discovery.

Starring: Salim Daw, Hiam Abbass, Maisa Abd Elhadi, George Iskandar, and Manal Awad
Genre: Drama | International
Country: Occupied Palestinian Territory | France | Germany | Portugal | Qatar (Arabic)
Rating: Not Rated
Runtime: 87 minutes


Anonymous Animals

Directed By: Baptiste Rouveure
Studio: Gravitas Ventures

The balance of power between man and animal has changed; in a remote countryside, any encounter with the dominant can become hostile.

Starring: Thierry Marcos, Pauline Guilpain, Aurélien Chilarski, and Emilien Lavaut
Genre: Fantasy | International | Thriller
Country: France (French)
Rating: Not Rated
Runtime: 64 minutes


Lantern’s Lane

Directed By: Justin LaReau
Studio: Vertical Entertainment

A recent college graduate and her estranged high school friends return to Lantern’s Lane, the location of a creepy urban legend, and must fight to survive the night.

Starring: Brooke Butler, Sydney Carvill, Ashley Doris, Andy Cohen, and Justin LaReau
Genre: Comedy | Horror | Thriller
Country: USA (English)
Rating: Not Rated
Runtime: 95 minutes


A Piece of Cake

Directed By: Ute von Münchow-Pohl
Studio: Viva Pictures

The tiny gnome-like Elfkins have lived in hiding for more than 200 years. After being dismissed by her fellow Elfkins one too many times, young Elfy (Madi Monroe) decides it’s time to try and return to the human world. Joined by two reluctant Elkfin boys, Elfy meets Chef Theo (Sonny Hurrell), who is about to lose his bakery to his scheming brother. Remembering that once upon a time the Elkins used to help humans, Elfy and her friends decide to learn how to bake so they can save the pastry shop.

Starring: Jella Haase, Louis Hofmann, and Leon Seidel
Genre: Animation | Comedy | Family | Fantasy | International
Country: Germany (English & German)
Rating: Not Rated
Runtime: 78 minutes



Directed By: Tracey Deer
Studio: Strand Releasing

Twelve-year-old Beans is on the edge: torn between innocent childhood and reckless adolescence; forced to grow up fast and become the tough Mohawk warrior she needs to be during the Oka Crisis, the turbulent Indigenous uprising that tore Quebec and Canada apart for 78 tense days in the summer of 1990.

Starring: Kiawentiio, Violah Beauvais, Rainbow Dickerson, Joel Montgrand, and Paulina Alexis
Genre: Drama | International
Country: Canada (English)
Rating: Not Rated
Runtime: 92 minutes


The Beta Test

Directed By: Jim Cummings & PJ McCabe
Studio: IFC Films

A married Hollywood agent receives a mysterious letter for an anonymous sexual encounter and becomes ensnared in a sinister world of lying, murder and infidelity.

Starring: Jim Cummings, Virginia Newcomb, PJ McCabe, and Kevin Changaris
Genre: Horror | Thriller
Country: USA | UK (English)
Rating: Not Rated
Runtime: 93 minutes


Hell Hath No Fury

Directed By: Jesse V. Johnson
Studio: Well Go USA

During World War II, American soldiers rescue a French national but give her an ultimatum: to survive, she must lead them to a cache of gold that’s also being hunted by the Nazis and the resistance.

Starring: Alina Andrei, Nina Bergman, Andrew Bering, and Daniel Bernhardt
Genre: Action | War
Country: USA | France | Kazakhstan | Belarus (English & French)
Rating: R (for strong/bloody violence, language throughout, and some sexual content)
Runtime: 119 minutes


Love It Was Not

Directed By: Maya Sarfaty
Studio: Greenwich Entertainment

A young Jewish woman named Helena Citron is taken to Auschwitz, where she develops an unlikely romantic relationship with Franz Wunsch, a high-ranking SS officer. Thirty years later, a letter arrives from Wunsch’s wife asking Helena to testify on Wunsch’s behalf. Faced with an impossible decision, Helena must choose. Will she help the man who brutalized so many lives, but saved hers?

Starring: Helena Citron, Roza Citron, and Frank Wunsch
Genre: Documentary | History | International | War
Country: Israel | Austria (Hebrew, German, & English)
Rating: Not Rated
Runtime: 86 minutes


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