“Affairs of the Art”
“Angakusajaujuq: The Shaman’s Apprentice”
“Bad Seeds”
“Flowing Home”
“Mum Is Pouring Rain”
“The Musician”
“Only a Child”
“Robin Robin”
“Souvenir Souvenir”
“Step into the River”
“Us Again”
“The Windshield Wiper”

Eighty-two films qualified in the category. Members of the Short Films and Feature Animation Branch vote to determine the shortlist and the nominees. I haven’t seen any of these, so my predictions are based solely on previous years and my own personal thoughts.

Per the Academy’s press release:

Nominations voting begins on Thursday, January 27, 2022, and concludes on Tuesday, February 1, 2022. Nominations for the 94th Academy Awards will be announced on Tuesday, February 8, 2022. The 94th Oscars® will be held on Sunday, March 27, 2022, at the Dolby® Theatre at Hollywood & Highland® in Hollywood and will be televised live on ABC and in more than 200 territories worldwide.


“Mum Is Pouring Rain”
Laidak Films

Baobab Studios

“Only a Child”
Amka Films

“Robin Robin”

“Us Again”
Walt Disney Pictures

“Robin Robin” (32m)

IMDB Synopsis: In this stop-motion short film, a bird raised by mice begins to question where she belongs and sets off on a daring journey of self-discovery.

WHY’S IT GOING TO GET NOMINATED: It feels like the Academy has never seen an Aardman Animation that they didn’t like. The same should go for “Robin Robin.” Add to that the fact that it’s readily available on Netflix and you’ve got a strong contender for not only a nomination, but the win.

“Us Again” (7m)

IMDB Synopsis: An elderly couple regain their youth in the rain.

WHY’S IT GOING TO GET NOMINATED: With Disney’s “Far from the Tree” not making the cut, it feels like they should get in with “Us Again.” From the sounds of the description, its meant to pull at the heart strings and usually translates into some Oscar love.

“Namoo” (12m)

IMDB Synopsis: Celebrates a grandfather’s passing and follows the journey of a budding artist from start to end.

WHY’S IT GOING TO GET NOMINATED: The name Erick Oh will be a household name someday. His animated short “Opera” was one of my favorite films of last year and I believe his latest short “Namoo” will get nominated as well. Need more convincing? He also worked on “The Dam Keeper,” “Sanjay’s Super Team,” and “Lou,” all of which were nominated for Oscars.

“Only a Child” (7m)

IMDB Synopsis: A visual poem which gives shape and colour to the words spoken by 12 year-old Severn Suzuki at the United Nations’ Rio Summit in 1992, using meaningful images and powerful animated allegories.

WHY’S IT GOING TO GET NOMINATED: You had me at “visual poem.” It’s usually the films that step out of the box that get noticed in this category and “Only A Child” seems to have that uniqueness on hand. With 20 animation directors involved, I feel like it might have what it takes to get a nomination.

“Mum Is Pouring Rain” (29m)

IMDB Synopsis: Jane’s (8 yo) mother is struggling with depression. She sends her daughter to spend Christmas at her Grandma’s. The holidays turn out to be quite an adventure as Jane meets new friends : Cloclo the gigantic hobo who lives in the forest, and Sonia and Leon, two local kids. As she learns to open herself to others, Jane will inspire her mother the strength to get back on her feet.

WHY’S IT GOING TO GET NOMINATED: The style of the art and subject matter of “Mum is Pouring Rain” puts it on my list of films that have a shot at getting a nomination. I would love to have a reason to watch this short.


“Affairs of the Art” (16m)

IMDB Synopsis: Beryl’s back in “Affairs of the Art”, which showcases one family’s eccentric yet endearing obsessions with everything from drawing to screw threads and pet taxidermy.

“Angakusajaujuq: The Shaman’s Apprentice” (20m)

IMDB Synopsis: A young shaman must face her first test-a trip underground to visit Kannaaluk, The One Below, who holds the answers to why a community member has become ill.

“Bad Seeds” (6m)

IMDB Synopsis: ‘Bad Seeds’ takes us to a bizarre world populated by carnivorous plants that can change shapes the way a chameleon changes colours. The film deftly connects growth with rivalry and evolution with competition, crafting an increasingly shocking duel that’s peppered with allusions to the Western, the Cold War, board games, and much more.

“Bestia” (15m)

IMDB Synopsis: Ingrid is working in the Chilean Intelligence Directorate (DINA) in 1975. Her relationship with her dog, her body, her fears and frustrations reveal a grim fracture in her mind and in an entire country.

“Boxballet” (15m)

IMDB Synopsis: One day, a delicate ballerina named Olya meets the rough, surly boxer Evgeny. The contrast between their worlds and their philosophies is so sharp that even the possibility of these two characters crossing paths seems incredible.

“Flowing Home” (15m)

IMDB Synopsis: “Like a river” is the story of two sisters who got separated after the Vietnam war. Thao, the youngest, will flee Vietnam by boat to Malaisia. Sao Maï, the eldest, will stay in Vietnam with her parents. An epistolary relationship will feed their lives for over 15 years and narrates their journey until their reunion.

“The Musician” (15m)

IMDB Synopsis: During a vicious attack, a young musician and the love of his life are brutally separated from one another. Fifty years later, the musician is summoned to play at the Mongol castle where his beloved has been held.

“Souvenir Souvenir” (16m)

IMDB Synopsis: For 10 years a filmmaker tries to make a movie out of his grandfather’s Algerian war souvenirs.

“Step into the River” (15m)

IMDB Synopsis: Lu and Wei live in a village in rural China. They often go to the nearby river to play with their fathers. The river has a special meaning for them because China’s one-child policy has led to some parents drowning their newborn there.

“The Windshield Wiper” (14m)

IMDB Synopsis: Inside a cafe while smoking a whole pack of cigarettes, a man poses an ambitious question: “What is Love?”. A collection of vignettes and situations will lead the man to the desired conclusion.

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