JULY 22, 2022

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Directed By: Jordan Peele

Studio: Universal Pictures


The residents of a lonely gulch in inland California bear witness to an uncanny and chilling discovery.

Starring: Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, Brandon Perea, Michael Wincott, Steven Yeun, and Keith David
Genre: Horror | Mystery | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Rating: R (for language throughout and some violence/bloody images)
Country: USA (English)
Runtime: 130 minutes


Directed By: Jono McLeod

Studio: Magnolia Pictures & Magnet Releasing

My Old School

In 1993, 16-year-old Brandon Lee enrolled at Bearsden Academy, a secondary school in a well-to-do suburb of Glasgow, Scotland. What followed over the next two years became the stuff of legend.

Starring: Alan Cumming, Lulu, Dawn Steele, Clare Groganl, Joe McFadden, and Gary Lamont
Genre: Documentary | Drama | International
Rating: Not Rated
Country: UK (Eng;ish)
Runtime: 104 minutes


Directed By: Katie Holmes

Studio: Vertical Entertainment

Alone Together

Going upstate for a short romantic getaway to escape the pandemic in New York City, food critic June’s lans go wrong from the start. Arriving at the AirBnb in advance of her boyfriend, John, she is shocked to discover it has been double-booked by recently single Charlie. When John decides to stay in the city to take care of his parents, June has to settle in for the long haul as she realizes that the initial two weeks of the pandemic might just drag on a little bit longer than expected. As spring begins to unfold around them, June and Charlie make the most of the sudden break in their routines and develop an unexpected intimacy as they bond over their goals, ambitions and, of course, relationships.

Starring: Katie Holmes, Jim Sturgess, Derek Luke, Melissa Leo, Zosia Mamet, and Becky Ann Baker
Genre: Drama | Romance
Rating: R (for language)
Country: USA (English)
Runtime: 93 minutes


Directed By: Daniel Graham

Studio: Camelot Films

Prizefighter: The Life of Jem Belcher

At the turn of the 19th century, Pugilism is the sport of kings and a gifted young boxer, James Belchar, fights his way into becoming the champion of England.

Starring: Matt Hookings, Ray Winstone, Marton Csokas, Jodhi May, Steven Berkoff, Julian Glover, and Russell Crowe
Genre: Biography | International
Rating: Not Rated
Country: UK (English)
Runtime: 107 minutes


Directed by: Ryan Jordan & Jeffrey Leslie

Studio: Gravitas Ventures


Taking place in the D.M.V. (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) area, Bundles begins its range of nostalgic and jaw clenching events with narrative insight from high school senior, Morgan Davis. Her older sister and good friends, Jackie, Vic, and Tiff, comfort Morgan when her senior picture day takes a turn for the worse thanks to an old elementary besty and current rival, Maria Sanchez. After successfully seeing through the perfect plot for revenge, the four young ladies find a lucrative business venture to be made of what was supposed to be a one-time payback to put Maria in her place. Things are going great until their endeavors lead them barking up the wrong tree, only in this case, the tree bites back.

Starring: Kevin Tan, Ismail Bronson, Lisa Renee’ Marshall, Imonte Ford, and Alexis Jacquelyn Smith
Genre: Drama
Rating: Not Rated
Country: USA (English)
Runtime: 97 minutes


Directed By: Paula Eiselt & Tonya Lewis Lee

Studio: Hulu


Following the deaths of their partners due to preventable childbirth complications and medical negligence, two bereaved fathers galvanize activists, birth-workers and physicians to reckon with one of the most pressing yet unspoken American crises of our time — the US maternal health crisis.

Starring: Neel Shah
Genre: Documentary
Rating: TV-MA
Country: USA (English)
Runtime: 86 minutes


Directed By: Billy Porter

Studio: Amazon Studios

Anything’s Possible

Anything’s Possible is a delightfully modern Gen Z coming-of-age story that follows Kelsa, a confident high school girl who is trans, as she navigates through senior year. When her classmate Khal gets a crush on her, he musters up the courage to ask her out, despite the drama he knows it could cause. What transpires is a romance that showcases the joy, tenderness, and pain of young love.

Starring: Renée Elise Goldsberry, Eva Reign, Abubakr Ali, Kelly Lamor Wilson, and Simone Joy Jones
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG-13 (for strong language, thematic material, sexual material and brief teen drinking)
Country: USA (English)
Runtime: 96 minutes


Directed By: Renée Webster

Studio: Brainstorm Media

How to Please a Woman

Gina (Sally Phillips) is taken by surprise when for her fiftieth birthday a male sex worker, a gift sent by her girlfriends, offers to do anything she wants. She asks him to do for her what no one else will — she has him clean her house. Only later does Gina realize he is from a removals business she was involved with liquidating. Amused and delighted, her friends wish for a sexy cleaner themselves, sparking a new career for Gina who decides to employ the entire male removals team as house cleaners.

Starring: Sally Phillips, Caroline Brazier, Erik Thomson, Alexander England, and Tasma Walton
Genre: Drama | International
Rating: Not Rated
Country: Australia (English)
Runtime: 107 minutes


Directed By: Catherine Tate & Brett Goldstein

Studio: Screen Media Films

The Nan Movie

Catherine Tate’s iconic character Nan hits the big screen as she goes on a wild road trip from London to Ireland with her grandson Jamie (Mathew Horne) to make amends with her estranged sister Nell (Katherine Parkinson).

Starring: Catherine Tate, Mathew Horne, Katherine Parkinson, Niky Wardley, Pete Bennett, and Abdul Alshareef
Genre: Comedy | International
Rating: Not Rated
Country: UK (English)
Runtime: 95 minutes


Directed By: Betty Kaplan

Studio: Samuel Goldwyn Films

Art Of Love

A mysterious, erotic and haunting love story between a writer/professor at Puerto Rico’s leading University and an aspiring artist from the immigrant Chinese community.

Starring: Esai Morales, Caterina Murino, Kunjue Li, Jim Lau, and Bruno Irizarry
Genre: International | Romance | Thriller
Rating: Not Rated
Country: Puerto Rico (Spanish & English)
Runtime: 116 minutes


Directed By: Chris Canfield

Studio: Saban Films


Dowanhowee, a Native American woman, evades the notorious Dutch Wilder Gang by escaping into the uncharted Black Wood Forest. Once inside, they quickly discover they must help each other for they have unknowingly awaken an ancient ravenous creature, known as The Wendigo.

Starring: Bates Wilder, Glenn Morshower, Stelio Savante, Tanajsia Slaughter, and George Thomas Mansel
Genre: Horror | Western
Rating: R (for violence, gore and language)
Country: USA (English)
Runtime: 98 minutes


Directed By: Nick Canfield

Studio: Factory 25

The Reverend

THE REVEREND follows the spiritual and musical journey of Reverend Vince Anderson. After coming to New York in the 90’s to enter the seminary, Vince dropped out to follow his second calling — music. With his band The Love Choir, he has played a now-legendary weekly show for over twenty years. Reconnecting with his faith and using his intense soulful music, he began to preach a type of spirituality that meets people where they are, is open to all, and moves everyone that sees him play. Reverend Vince is also deeply involved in social activism, working with other progressive faith leaders at home and around the country to build inclusive communities. Filmed over several years and featuring Questlove and members of TV On The Radio, The Reverend is a rocking concert film as well as an intimate portrait of Reverend Vince’s inspiring personal and spiritual life.

Starring: Vince Anderson, Questlove, Jaleel Bunton, and Dave Smoota Smith
Genre: Documentary
Rating: Not Rated
Country: USA (English)
Runtime: 86 minutes


Directed By: Zora Iman Crews & Alec Tibaldi

Studio: Mailuki Films

The Daphne Project

Daphne Wilco, actress and social justice warrior, wreaks havoc on a production of Euripides’ “The Bacchae” in the name of progress.

Starring: Zora Iman Crews, Jake Horowitz, April Lavalle, Reed Lancaster, Geena Quintos, and Annie-Sage Whitehurst
Genre: Comedy
Rating: Not Rated
Country: USA (English)
Runtime: 69 minutes


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