OF 15

MARCH 11, 2023

DAY 47

OF 48

Best Documentary Short Film
Evgenia Arbugaeva and Maxim Arbugaev

There’s nothing like the imagery in “Haulout.” One day, the ocean shoreline is bare, only the marine biologist and his ramshackle wooden hut. He sleeps and awakes the following day to 100,000 walruses stumbling over one another, trying to find space on the limited beach. There are walruses as far as the eye can see. They gather like this because of melting icecaps. They usually rest on the ice during their migrations, but with the dwindling number of them due to climate change, this carpeting of the coastline is the new normal. The dead and dying walruses litter the shore after the masses move on, killed from stab wounds inflicted by enemy walrus tusks or bloated from exhaustion and drowning. “Haulout” is a much-needed wake-up call for anyone who doesn’t believe that the changing climate isn’t affecting the Earth.


Evgenia Arbugaeva

First-time nominee

Maxim Arbugaev

First-time nominee

Follows a man waiting in his hut in the desolate expanse of the Russian Arctic. He is holding out in order to observe a natural event that occurs here, every year, but ocean warming is taking its toll.

Directed by Maxim Arbugaev & Evgenia Arbugaeva
The New Yorker Studios
October 16, 2022
25 minutes


AFI Fest — Documentary Short Film [Winner]
Berlin Interfilm Festival — Best Documentary/Intl Competition [Winner]
Berlin Intl Film Festival — Short Film (Nominee)
Boulder Intl Film Festival — Best Short Documentary [Winner]
Boulder Intl Film Festival — People’s Choice Award/Short Film [Winner]
Cork Intl Film Festival — Documentary Short [Winner]
DocAviv Film Festival — Best Short Film (Nominee)
Dokufest Intl Documentary/Short Film Festival — Short Dox Award [Winner]
Nashville Film Festival — Best Documentary Short (Nominee)
Palm Springs Intl ShortFest — Best Documentary Short [Winner]
Reykjavik Intl Film Festival — Intl Shorts (Nominee)
Valladolid Intl Film Festival — Best Documentary Short (Nominee)
Vila do Conde Intl Short Film Festival — Documentary Competition [Winner]
Vila do Conde Intl Short Film Festival — Intl Competition (Nominee)


1. “The Elephant Whisperers”
2.“How Do You Measure a Year?”
3. “Stranger at the Gate”
4. “The Martha Mitchell Effect”
5. “Haulout”


1. “The Elephant Whisperers”
2. “Haulout”
3. “Stranger at the Gate”
4. “The Martha Mitchell Effect”
5. “How Do You Measure a Year?”

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