Release Date
July 2, 2010
Álex de la Iglesia
Jorge Guerricaechevarria
Álex de la Iglesia
Based On A Novel By
Guillermo Martínez
Distributed By
Magnolia Pictures
$14.1 million
Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Rated R for language, sexual content/nudity and some violence/disturbing images
108 minutes

The Oxford Murders

Talk about a film that is too smart for its own good. The Oxford Murders makes the average viewer feel isolated and ostracized. Whatever means the producers took to get leading man Elijah Wood on board, they should consider themselves extremely lucky. The plot is obscure and constantly changing. The characters play a sort of Clue rendition of “who killed the old lady in the her house with the butcher knives.” The killings and the clues to back them up are absolutely ridiculous and the end of the film is something the randomizing machine that the Family Guy television appears to use works in overdrive.

The suspense the film attempts to produce simply muddies the film down furthermore . The women actresses are completely violated to the point where you question the writers or directors view on women in general. Do not get me wrong, it is not The Killer Inside Me with the brutality towards women, but something much worse where the women characters are belittled into the point where they do not resemble coherent human beings, merely sex toys and emotional basket cases.

A film about Oxford would probably not fit into today’s acceptable films. A film about murders has been done countless times. Put the two together and you may think for a moment that something good could be produced, especially with Elijah Wood strategically placed, but instead the opposite occurs and the film falls just shy of being an absolute piece of missable compost. And even the smartest person in the world could tell you that.


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