Here’s what I’m hoping: that everyone’s love for the films that don’t feel like Academy films, like “Ex Machina” and “Mad Max: Fury Road” get honored at the Oscars. For too long, it feels like films are made to either be Oscar bait or not. And when the Academy extended Best Picture to possibly 10, they did so to integrate other worthy films. Now whether that’s happened throughout the years or not is still a question. But if either of those films get in this year, it will show a shift. From what is considered an Academy film and what is loved by the masses. Obviously this isn’t the first year that this comes up. I believe every year there’s two films that are deemed front-runners and both end up on one end of the spectrum of either an Academy favorite or an audience favorites. “Avatar” Vs. “The Hurt Locker”. “The Social Network” Vs. “The King’s Speech”. “Gravity” Vs. “12 Years A Slave”. And so it’s not the biggest shift, but “Mad Max: Fury Road,” at least to me, feels more out of the wheelhouse than any of these films. And for George Miller to get honored for this film would be huge and much deserved, and again to me, would feel like a huge shift. Even “The Martian” landing anywhere substantial would be considerable. So as we continue to see George Miller and Alicia Vikander being awarded, I am applauding and hoping for these to translate into Oscar nominations.

Best Picture: “Spotlight”
Best Director: George Miller – “Mad Max: Fury Road”     (runner-up: Tom McCarthy, “Spotlight”)
Best Actor: Bryan Cranston – “Trumbo”     (runner-up: Michael Fassbender, “Steve Jobs”)
Best Actress: Brie Larson – “Room”     (runner-up: Saoirse Ronan, “Brooklyn”)
Best Supporting Actor: Sylvester Stallone – “Creed”     (runner-up: Mark Rylance, “Bridge Of Spies”)
Best Supporting Actress: Alicia Vikander – “Ex Machina”     (runner-up: Kate Winslet, “Steve Jobs”)
Best Ensemble: “Spotlight”     (runner-up: “The Big Short”)
Best Original Screenplay: Tom McCarthy & Josh Singer – “Spotlight”     (runner-up: Bob Petersen & Pete Docter, “Inside Out”)
Best Adapted Screenplay: Emma Donoghue – “Room”    (runner-up: Charles Randolph & Adam McKay, “The Big Short:)
Best Documentary: “Amy”     (runner-up: “Best Of Enemies”)
Foreign Language: “Son Of Saul”     (runner-up: “The Assassin”)
Best Animated Film: “Inside Out”     (runner-up: “Anomalisa”)
Best Cinematography: John Seale – “Mad Max: Fury Road”     (runner-up: Luca Bigazzi, “Youth”)
The Gene Wyatt Award for the Film that Best Evokes the Spirit of the South: “Finders Keepers”

Top 10
1. “Spotlight”
2. “Mad Max: Fury Road”
3. “Room”
4. “Brooklyn”
5. “Carol”
6. “The Big Short”
7. “The Martian”
8. “Inside Out”
9. “Bridge Of Spies”
10. “Trumbo”

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