Andrew Jackson, Tom Wood, Dan Oliver and Andy Williams

Watch the VFX breakdowns above and you’ll see that most of the film was created through visual effects, adding landscapes and the giant storm that they enter, the tint to the entire film to make it feel post apocalyptic, and enhancements to the characters, specifically Furiosa (Charlize Theron) and her missing arm. That’s not even to mention the practical effects used throughout the entire chase, with men swinging on poles between cars, dirt bikes flying through the air, and explosions galore. “Mad Max: Fury Road” is an impressive feat and part of what makes it so impressive is the sheer volume and skill involved in what is delivered in the final product. It is an event. It shows how far the film industry has come and it does so with a visionary director and an amazingly skillful team.

What’s its competition? Many would put “The Revenant” as the main competition for “Mad Max: Fury Road” because of the fact that many could probably not even tell there were visual effects in “The Revenant.” They are so seamless that to the average eye, there isn’t much done. And even beyond the CGI bear, the film is enhanced with these. That being said, “Mad Max: Fury Road” does a seamless job as well, where you can only guess what was practical and what was computer generated. If you’re going with volume, “Mad Max: Fury Road” will take this. But if the Academy’s support of “The Revenant” runs deep, then it could also take this. Do not completely count out “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” either, because the support for that film could push it through as well and cause the slightest of upsets in this category.

Previous nominations? These are the first Academy Award nominations for Andrew Jackson, Tom Wood, Dan Oliver and Andy Williams.

“Mad Max: Fury Road” (2015) Trailer:

exmachina-vfx martian-vfx revenant-vfx starwarstheforceawakens-vfx

// Produced by Doug Mitchell, George Miller, and P. J. Voeten // Directed by George Miller //
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