“Ready Player One” took out “Pacific Rim: Uprising” this weekend, as expected. Even opening a day earlier than everything else, “Ready Player One” landed where expected with almost $42 million. That’s Spielberg’s biggest opening weekend since “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” back in 2008, which opened to $100 million. It’s also his fifth biggest opening weekend ever for the director, putting it behind both “Jurassic Park” and “The Lost World” as well as the Tom Cruise led “War Of The Worlds.” Unless the “Blockers” comedy has a bigger opening than expected, “Ready Player One” will likely be looking at a second place finish next weekend, with a 50% drop putting it at $20.5 million and “Blockers” looking at  a $16 million opening. Tracking currently puts  John Krasinki’s directorial debut horror film “A Quiet Place” at number one next week with an expected opening of $27.5 million.

Three of the top five films this week were led by black stars. Tyler Perry’s “Acrimony” landed at number two, as expected with $17.1 million. That’s not even close to Tyler Perry’s biggest opening weekend as director with “Madea Goes To Jail” opening at $41 million in 2009 and most recently with “Boo! A Madea Halloween” opening to $28.5 million in October of 2016. “Pacific Rim: Uprising” actually fell further than expected landing at $9 million rather than $11 million, putting it behind “Black Panther” ($11m) and “I Can Only Imagine” ($10m). There were two other faith-based films in theaters over the Easter weekend in addition to “I Can Only Imagine” with “Paul, Apostle Of Christ” finishing in the top 10 and “God’s Not Dead: A Light In Darkness” opening at $2.6 million at number 12. Wes Anderson’s “Isle Of Dogs” almost cracked the top 10, landing at number 11 with $2.9 million and garnering the “per box office/theater average” win once again with $17,839 per theater.

The biggest fall this weekend within the top 25 was the Bruce Willis led “Death Wish” which fell 8 spots while “Fifty Shades Freed” fell out of the top 25, from #23 to #40, a whopping 17 spot fall after 8 weeks in release. As expected, Academy Award Best Picture winner “The Shape Of Water” fell outside of the top 25, landing at #27, having been available on home video for almost a month now. The film made $63.5 million domestically on a budget of $19.5 million. Worldwide it made a whopping $190.5 million showing it pays to win the Best Picture Oscar. The biggest surprise to me was the closing of “7 Days In Entebbe,” starring Daniel Brühl and Rosamund Pike, after only 2 weeks. Released by Focus, the film hadn’t posted a budget but only made $3.2 million in it’s 2 week release.

# Title Weekend Total Budget Week LW CH
1 Ready Player One (WB) $41,764,050 ($53,710,325) $175m* 1st N even
2 Tyler Perry’s Acrimony (LGF) $17,170,707 ($17,170,707) $20m* 1st N even
3 Black Panther (BV) $11,486,915 ($650,923,549) $200m* 7th #2 down
4 I Can Only Imagine (RAtt) $10,445,994 ($55,271,331) $7m 3rd #3 down
5 Pacific Rim: Uprising (Uni) $9,370,405 ($45,836,225) $150m 2nd #1 down
6 Sherlock Gnomes (Par) $7,001,570 ($22,822,216) $59m 2nd #4 down
7 Tomb Raider (WB) $4,922,048 ($50,715,273) $94m 3rd #5 down
8 A Wrinkle In Time (BV) $4,842,624 ($83,399,038) $103m* 4th #6 down
9 Love, Simon (Fox) $4,767,488 ($32,108,320) $17m 3rd #7 down
10 Paul, Apostle of Christ (Sony) $3,457,864 ($11,488,702) $5m 2nd #8 down
11 Isle Of Dogs (FoxS) $2,943,366 ($6,050,860) ** 2nd #15 up
12 God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness (PFR) $2,689,677 ($2,689,677) ** 1st N even
13 Game Night (WB) $2,511,676 ($64,991,002) $37m 6th #9 down
14 Peter Rabbit (Sony) $2,121,583 ($110,767,709) $50m 8th #12 down
15 Midnight Sun (ORF) $1,822,313 ($7,671,529) ** 2nd #10 downdown
16 Unsane (BST) $1,450,575 ($6,832,037) $1.2m* 2nd #11 downdown
17 The Death Of Stalin (IFC) $1,345,577 ($3,809,159) ** 4th #17 even
18 Red Sparrow (Fox) $718,609 ($45,679,149) $69m 5th #13 downdown
19 The Greatest Showman (Fox) $700,398 ($172,069,900) $84m 15th #20 up
20 Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle (Sony) $678,717 ($402,769,456) $90m 15th #19 down
21 The Strangers: Prey At Night (Aviron) $668,560 ($23,582,936) $5m* 4th #14 downdown
22 Baaghi 2 (FIP) $650,722 ($650,722) $9.2m* 1st N even
23 Annihilation (Par) $345,895 ($32,158,866) $40m 6th #18 downdown
24 Death Wish (MGM) $308,387 ($33,410,244) $30m 5th #16 downdown
25 The Leisure Seeker (SPC) $235,872 ($1,068,778) ** 8th #24 down



Title Dom / World Budget Weeks Highest NOTE
7 Days In Entebbe (Focus) $3,189,220

** 3rd
Fifty Shades Freed (Uni) $100,379,125
$55m 8th #1 (+$45.4m)
Hichki (Yash) $330,279
$3.1m* 2nd #22
The Shape Of Water (FoxS) $63,500,483
$19.5m* 18th #8 (+$44m)

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