Not a surprise, the behemoth “Avengers: Infinity War” continued to dominate the box office this weekend, with $114.7 million, a 55.5% drop from last week but still well enough above the line to stay number one. It misses breaking the record for the best second weekend of all-time, as “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” landed at $149.2 million on its second weekend in December 2015. With no competition next week, “Avengers: Infinity War” should easily keep hold of the top spot for one more week, with fellow Marvel superhero movie “Deadpool 2” looking to finally knock it off the top spot and the following week, “Solo: A Star Wars Story” will keep it down. The remake “Overboard” landed at number two, with $14.7 million, which is $100 million down from “Avengers: Infinity War.” Still, it’s enough to make back its production budget and beat out holdovers “A Quiet Place,” “I Feel Pretty,” and “Rampage,” which all round out the top ten. The other high profile new release this week, “Tully” under-performed and landed just outside the top ten at number 6.

Electric’s first release ever, “Bad Samaritan,” landed at number eleven, while newcomers “RBG” and “102 Not Out” landed at number fifteen and sixteen respectively. For the second week in a row “Avengers: Infinity War” landed the per theater average win, with an average of $25,654 per theater in 4,474 theaters, while new release “RBG” took second place with an average of $17,014 per theater  in only 34 theaters. Everything in the top 25 took a decline, with nothing rising in the ranks.

Looking back to last week, the Fathom event re-release of “Labyrinth” actually snuck into the top 25 and pushed “The Rider” out with $558,857, coming in at number 18 and pushing everything else down. So technically, “The Rider” landed on the list at all. “Lean On Pete” spent one week in the top 25 and also fell out. And, as expected, with the home video release of “Pete Rabbit,” that, too, fell off the list. The Metropolian Opera Fathom event of “Cendrillion” only spent two nights in cinemas, so that naturally fell off the list as well. The biggest fall off the list goes to the Jon Hamm/Rosamund Pike film “Beirut” which fell 10 spots off the list. The biggest fall within the list was “You Were Never Really Here,” which fell seven spots to number 25 and will likely fall off completely next week. Also looking to fall off next week is “The Miracle Season” after five weeks in release and “The Death Of Stalin” after nine weeks in release.

# Title Weekend Total Budget Week LW CH
1 Avengers: Infinity War (BV) $114,774,810 ($453,107,350) $400m* 2nd #1 even
2 Overboard (PNT) $14,711,101 ($14,711,101) $12m* 1st N even
3 A Quiet Place (Par) $7,763,085 ($160,057,471) $17m 5th #2 down
4 I Feel Pretty (STX) $5,050,520 ($37,948,803) $32m 3rd #3 down
5 Rampage (WB) $4,637,400 ($84,801,710) $120m 4th #4 down
6 Tully (Focus) $3,282,610 ($3,282,610) ** 1st N even
7 Black Panther (BV) $3,254,977 ($693,235,592) $200m* 12th #5 down
8 Truth Or Dare (Uni) $1,887,970 ($38,238,330) $3.5m 4th #7 down
9 Super Troopers 2 (Fox) $1,871,303 ($25,502,004) $13.5m 3rd #6 down
10 Blockers (Uni) $1,751,340 ($56,222,840) $21m 5th #8 down
11 Bad Samaritan (Electric) $1,726,868 ($1,726,868) ** 1st N even
12 Ready Player One (WB) $1,330,043 ($133,074,547) $175m* 6th #9 down
13 Isle Of Dogs (FoxS) $806,625 ($28,469,671) ** 7th #11 down
14 Traffik (LGF) $794,348 ($8,258,908) $4m* 3rd #10 down
15 RBG (Magn) $578,470 ($578,470) ** 1st N even
16 102 Not Out (Sony) $483,681 ($483,681) $1.3m* 1st N even
17 I Can Only Imagine (RAtt) $428,775 ($81,897,642) $7m 8th #14 down
18 A Wrinkle In Time (BV) $410,517 ($95,496,098) $103m* 9th #13 downdown
19 Sherlock Gnomes (Par) $398,418 ($41,218,306) $59m 7th #16 down
20 Tyler Perry’s Acrimony (LGF) $386,860 ($42,875,151) $20m* 6th #17 down
21 Chappaquiddick (ENTMP) $355,982 ($16,523,371) ** 5th #15 downdown
22 Disobedience (BST) $305,991 ($634,364) ** 2nd #22 even
23 The Miracle Season (Mirr/LD) $171,101 ($9,722,748) ** 5th #19 down
24 The Death Of Stalin (IFC) $170,847 ($7,479,752) ** 9th #23 down
25 You Were Never Really Here (Amazon) $170,127 ($2,155,077) ** 5th #18 downdown



Title Dom / World Budget Weeks Highest NOTE
Beirut (BST) $4,782,425

** 4th #
Lean On Pete (A24) $915,124
$8m* 5th #21 ($7.1m)
Met Opera: Cendrillon (Fathom) $1,300,000
** (1st) #12
Peter Rabbit (Sony) $114,781,410
$50m 13th #2 (x2)
The Rider (SPC) $558,245
** 4th #25

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