Universal Studios | 2018 | 120 min | Rated PG-13

Official Synopsis: Inspired by the powerful true story of a young Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Academy Award nominee Felicity Jones), On the Basis of Sex depicts a then-struggling attorney and new mother facing adversity in her fight for equal rights. When Ruth takes on a ground-breaking case, she knows the outcome could alter the courts’ view of gender discrimination. Stronger together, Ruth teams up with her husband, Martin Ginsburg (Armie Hammer), to fight the case that catapults her into one of the most important public figures of our time.

  • A Supreme Team: Making On the Basis of Sex
  • Legacy of Justice
  • Martin and Ruth: A Loving Partnership


Showtime | 2018-2019 | 12 Episodes

Official Synopsis: Ray rebuilds his life both personally and professionally in New York City. After being rescued from a plummet into the East River, his savior, a cop named Mac, brings Ray into the Staten Island Police Department fraternity. While exploring this new world of brotherhood and corruption, Ray finds himself once again working for media mogul Samantha Winslow. Sam has teamed up with New York City mayoral candidate Anita Novak, a partnership that puts Ray at odds with his new friends out in Staten Island.


Criterion | 1991 | 128 min | Not Rated

Official Synopsis: Five cities. Five taxicabs. A multitude of strangers in the night. Jim Jarmusch assembled an extraordinary international cast of actors (including Gena Rowlands, Winona Ryder, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Béatrice Dalle, and Roberto Benigni) for this quintet of transitory tales of urban displacement and existential angst, all staged as encounters between cabbies and their fares. Spanning time zones, continents, and languages, Night on Earth winds its course through scenes of uproarious comedy, nocturnal poetry, and somber fatalism, set to a moody soundtrack by Tom Waits. Jarmusch’s lovingly askew view of humanity from the passenger seat makes for one of his most charming and beloved films, a freewheeling showcase for the cosmopolitan range of his imagination.

Director-Approved Special Edition Features
  • High-definition digital restoration, supervised and approved by director Jim Jarmusch, with 2.0 surround DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack on the Blu-ray
  • Selected-scene commentary from 2007 featuring director of photography Frederick Elmes and location sound mixer Drew Kunin
  • Q&A with Jarmusch from 2007, in which he responds to questions sent in by fans
  • Belgian television interview with Jarmusch from 1992
  • PLUS: A booklet featuring essays by filmmakers, authors, and critics Thom Andersen, Paul Auster, Bernard Eisenschitz, Goffredo Fofi, and Peter von Bagh, and the lyrics to Tom Waits’s original songs from the film

Cover by Eric Skillman

Criterion | 1984 | 89 min | Not Rated

Official Synopsis: With this breakout film, Jim Jarmusch established himself as one of the most exciting voices in the burgeoning independent-film scene, a road-movie poet with an affinity for Americana at its most offbeat. Jarmusch follows rootless Hungarian émigré Willie (John Lurie), his pal Eddie (Richard Edson), and his visiting sixteen-year-old cousin, Eva (Eszter Balint), as they drift from New York’s Lower East Side to the snowy expanses of Lake Erie and the drab beaches of Florida, always managing to make the least of wherever they end up. Structured as a series of master-shot vignettes etched in black and white by cinematographer Tom DiCillo, Stranger Than Paradise is a nonchalant masterpiece of deadpan comedy and perfectly calibrated minimalism.

Director-Approved Special Edition Features
  • High-definition digital restoration, supervised and approved by director Jim Jarmusch, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray
  • Audio commentary from 1996 featuring Jarmusch and actor Richard Edson
  • Permanent Vacation (1980), Jarmusch’s seventy-five-minute, color feature debut, presented in a high-definition digital restoration supervised by the director
  • Kino ’84: Jim Jarmusch, a 1984 German television program ­featuring interviews with cast and crew members from Stranger Than Paradiseand Permanent Vacation
  • Some Days in January 1984, a behind-the-scenes Super 8 film by Tom Jarmusch
  • U.S. and Japanese trailers
  • PLUS: A booklet featuring Jarmusch’s 1984 “Some Notes on Stranger Than Paradise,” critics Geoff Andrew and J. Hoberman on Stranger Than Paradise, and author and critic Luc Sante on Permanent Vacation

Cover by Eric Skillman


Sony Pictures | 2019 | 96 min | Rated PG

Official Synopsis: As a puppy, Bella finds her way into the arms of Lucas, a young man who gives her a good home. When Bella becomes separated from Lucas, she soon finds herself on an epic, 400-mile journey to reunite with her beloved owner. Along the way, the lost but spirited dog touches the lives of an orphaned mountain lion, a down-on-his-luck veteran and some friendly strangers who happen to cross her path.

  • DIY Doggie Treats With Shelby
  • Unforgettable Journey
  • Dog Days: Shelby’s Production Diary
  • Deleted Scenes

Sony Pictures | 2018 | 91 min | Rated PG-13

Official Synopsis: Detective Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson join forces to investigate a mysterious murder at Buckingham Palace. It seems like an open-and-shut case as all signs point to Professor James Moriarty, the criminal mastermind and longtime nemesis of the crime-solving duo. When new twists and clues begin to emerge, the world’s greatest sleuth and his trusted assistant must now use their legendary wits and ingenious methods to catch the killer before the queen becomes the next victim.

  • Line-o-Rama
  • Deleted Scenes
  • “I Seem to Have Forgotten My Hat”
  • “Did You Hear the Good News”
  • “Mrs. Hudson’s Lovers”
  • “You Caught Me in A Micro

Universal Studios | 2018 | 98 min | Rated PG

Official Synopsis: From acclaimed director Mamoru Hosoda (Wolf Children) comes a daringly original story of love passed down through generations. When four-year-old Kun meets his new baby sister, his world is turned upside down. Named Mirai (meaning “future”), the baby quickly wins the hearts of Kun’s entire family. Kun becomes increasingly jealous of her, until one day he storms off into the garden, where he encounters strange guests from the past and future – including his sister Mirai, as a teenager. Together, Kun and Mirai go on a journey through time and space, uncovering their family’s incredible story, in this magical and emotionally soaring adventure about the ties that bring families together and make us who we are.

  • Interview with Director Mamoru Hosoda
  • Japanese Cast Interviews
  • Mirai at Cannes Film Festival
  • The New World of Mamoru Hosoda
  • Mirai in Japan
  • Visiting Studio Chizu
  • Mamoru Hosoda Visits Toyoma Prefecture
  • “My Future” by Hosoda and the Japanese Voice Cast
  • Trailers & TV Spots

Universal Studios | 2018 | 116 min | Rated PG-13

Official Synopsis: Academy Award winner Robert Zemeckis (Forrest Gump, Castaway) brings Welcome to Marwen, a bold, wondrous and timely film that is a miraculous true story of one broken man’s fight as he discovers how artistic imagination can restore the human spirit. When a devastating attack leaves Mark Hogancamp (Steve Carell) shattered and without his memory, no one expected recovery. But by putting together pieces from his old and new life, Mark meticulously creates a wondrous fantasy world, where he draws strength to triumph in the real one. His astonishing art installation becomes a testament to the powerful women who support him on his journey.

  • Deleted Scenes
  • Marwen’s Citizens
  • A Visionary Director
  • Building Marwen
  • Living Dolls


Bravo | 2018-2019 | 8 Episodes

Official Synopsis: Debra Newell (Connie Britton, “Nashville” “Friday Night Lights”) has a seemingly perfect life: she’s successful, beautiful and lives in one of California’s most desirable coastal cities, Newport Beach. The only thing missing is love. So when she finally meets charming and handsome doctor John Meehan (Eric Bana, “Hulk”), she’s quickly swept into a whirlwind romance, much to the dismay of her daughters Terra (Julia Garner) and Veronica (Juno Temple). Their fast-tracked relationship creates tension between Debra and the girls, leaving them no choice but to investigate the stranger who has swept their mother off her feet. As Debra gets drawn deeper into his lies and sinister game of psychological manipulation, it results in horrific consequences for an entire family.

  • Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog: The Complete Animated Series
  • Black Clover: Season One, Part Four (2017-2018)
  • Boruto – Naruto Next Generations: Set One (2017)
  • Dirty John: Limited Series
  • Double Dragon: The Animated Series
  • Mum: Season Two
  • Project Blue Book: Season One (2019)
  • Sky Wizards Academy: The Complete Series (2015)
  • You’re The Worst: Season Five


Lionsgate Films | 2012 | 102 min | Rated PG-13

Official Synopsis:An ex-cop and now wanted fugitive stands on the ledge of a high-rise building while a hard-living New York Police Department negotiator tries to talk him down. The longer they are on the ledge, the more she realizes that he might have an ulterior objective.

Special Features:

  • “The Ledge” Featurette
  • Trailer with Commentary by Elizabeth Banks

  • Flying Clipper (1963) (4K)
  • Hellboy Animated Double Feature (2007) (4K)


  • 8 Ball Clown (2018)
  • The Amityville Murders (2018)
  • Ancient World Exposed (2018)
  • Anote’s Ark (2018)
  • Apocalypse Day One (2014)
  • The Aspern Papers (2018)
  • Attack of the Soviet Zombies (2016)
  • At The Drive-In (2017)
  • Bancroft
  • Berlin, I Love You (2019)
  • The Blood Drinkers (1966)
  • Blood Lake (1987)
  • Blood of the Vampires (1966)
  • Brain of Blood (1971)
  • The Browsing Effect (2019)
  • Cam Girl (2014)
  • The Charmer (2017)
  • Clash Of The Titans (2010) (Special Cover)
  • Cold Sweat (1970)
  • The Cowboy Quarterback
  • Curse Of The Vampires (1970)
  • Dater’s Handbook (2016)
  • The Divorce Party (2019)
  • Edge Of Tomorrow (2014) (Special Cover)
  • Emmanuelle (1974)
  • Emmanuelle 2 (1975)
  • Emmanuelle 3 (1977)
  • Enigma (1982)
  • Frankenstein 1970 (1958)
  • Geostorm (2017) (Special Cover)
  • Glass (2015)
  • The God Inside My Ear (2017)
  • Godzilla (2014) (Special Cover)
  • Golden Job (2018)
  • The Gospel Of Eureka (2018)
  • Grace Is Gone (2019)
  • Heart Of New York
  • The Hemisphere Box of Horrors
  • The Iguana with the Tongue of Fire (1971)
  • In The Heart Of The Sea (2015) (Special Cover)
  • Iron Cowboy: The Story of the 50-50-50
  • Is it Wrong to Expect a Hot Spring in a Dungeon? (2016)
  • King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017) (Special Cover)
  • Kong: Skull Island (2017) (Special Cover)
  • K-Trips
  • The La Llorona Curse (2013)
  • The Legend Of Tarzan (2016) (Special Cover)
  • The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires (1974)
  • The Lightest Darkness (2017)
  • Matriarch (2019)
  • Meat Market (2000)
  • Meat Market 2 (2001)
  • Mega Time Squad (2019)
  • Mélo (1986)
  • Moon Child (1989)
  • Mountain Rest (2018)
  • Moynihan (2018)
  • Mrs. Wilson
  • Munki & Trunk: Meet the Jungle Crew!
  • Over The Goal
  • Pacific Rim (2013) (Special Cover)
  • Pixy Dragons (2019)
  • Planes with Brains 2 (2019)
  • Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl Four-Movie Collection (2007-2010)
  • The Power (1968)
  • Princess Resurrection: The Complete Collection (2007)
  • Rampage (2018) (Special Cover)
  • Ready Player One (2018) (Special Cover)
  • Reversed (2013)
  • Rider on the Rain (1970)
  • Royally Ever After
  • San Andreas (2015) (Special Cover)
  • School Of Life (2017)
  • Sidechic Gang
  • Soviet Zombie Invasion (2018)
  • Strange Nature (2018)
  • Sunrise In Heaven
  • Sweepstakes Winner
  • Sword of the Stranger (2007)
  • Talk to Me (2007)
  • This Gun for Hire (1942)
  • Tomb Raider (2018) (Special Cover)
  • Touch Me Not (2018)
  • Toxic Tutu (2017)
  • A War Over Reality (2018)
  • We Are Columbine (2019)
  • We Die Young (2019)
  • Wrath Of The Titans (2012) (Special Cover)
  • Yesterday (2009)
  • Zoo Squad 2 (2019)

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