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New Trailer: HHhH – Official International Trailer #1

HHhH || Last year’s film Anthropoid looked at an operation with the goal being the assassination of Nazi leader Reinhard Heydrich in Prague during World War II, from the perspective of the men planning the operation. Now, HHhH, also known as The Man with the Iron Heart, steps into the world of Nazi leader Reinhard Heydrich, who is played by Jason Clarke, and his … Read More New Trailer: HHhH – Official International Trailer #1

Quick Review: Stoker (2013)

STOKER BY CHRISTOPHER HASKELLMARCH 2, 2013 “Stoker” is the perfect English debut from director Chan-wook Park. In this eerie thriller, Mia Wasikowska boldly plays a young woman named India, who deals not only with the loss of her father, but her insatiable mother, played by Nicole Kidman, and the emergence of a distant uncle, Charlie, played brilliantly by Matthew Goode. Park displays his prowess … Read More Quick Review: Stoker (2013)


Crush: Mia Wasikowska

Mia Wasikowska took me by surprise. I’ve witnessed several of her films now and her grace on screen has finally caught up to me. She is an unconventional beauty from Australia who hasn’t even begun to shine yet. Mia’s career has a bright future, with plenty of her roles already earning her some well deserved attention. The first thing I ever saw her in … Read More Crush: Mia Wasikowska


2012 Oscars Challenge: [21] Jane Eyre & Costume Design

[25 OUT OF 46 FILMS REMAINING]-[21 DAYS TO OSCARS] Period pieces dominate this category and that is where “Jane Eyre” has an upper hand in this category. The problem is…  all the films in this category are period pieces, with the major front-runners being “The Artist” and “Hugo” just because of their Best Picture overtones. Though films like “Anonymous” and “Jane Eyre” could sneak … Read More 2012 Oscars Challenge: [21] Jane Eyre & Costume Design


For Your Consideration 2011: “Albert Nobbs”

For starters, Glenn Close actually played this role in 1982 in a stage production of “Albert Nobbs”. After trying to get the play produced into a film for all these years, she finally found director István Szabó, a Hungarian filmmaker. Now imagine this, before the film was recast following a delay in production, the supporting roles were supposed to be played by Amanda Seyfried … Read More For Your Consideration 2011: “Albert Nobbs”


For Your Consideration 2011: “Jane Eyre”

Period pieces are always shoe-ins for Academy Award nominations, so seeing “Jane Eyre” up for consideration is no real surprise. With three quickly rising stars (Mia Wasikowska from “Alice In Wonderland”, Michael Fassbender from “X-Men: First Class, and Jamie Bell from “Defiance” and “Jumper”) and a solid veteran in Judi Dench, the acting awards could come out strong from this film. Michael Fassbender appears … Read More For Your Consideration 2011: “Jane Eyre”